Chapter 1: Tei Phylax

Tei Phylax was in the gym, working out, exercising, when he first heard of the Mercs.

He was dead lifting 100 pounds over and over again, building up strength for the next missions to come.

I have to get stronger. Even stronger. My team needs me now. We must be able to function as a team. But for the team, I will become the strongest in Beacon. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be there for you!

He watched as Jay, a person he had met during initiation come and talk to a tall dark young man who looked in his twenties and was standing by the door. The two talked in casual, but hurried tones. He saw the dark young man then leave from the gym and although this made little impression on the Titan, he got the feeling he had seen that man before from somewhere. As he got up from the machine, he heard Jay muttering.

"Finally has asked me to join the Mercs. About time too…”

Tei grabbed his hoodie wondering about what he had just heard and walked into the hall. He saw Sven, a fellow teammate walking towards him.

“Morning, Sven.” Tei said cheerily, waving.

Sven simply walked past without any indication that he had seen him. This normally would annoy Tei, but had gotten used Sven and his indifference to the rest. He never spoke to them.

In fact… Tei suddenly realized. I’ve never even heard him talk.

Tei didn’t care much for it, due to childhood incidents, but he felt piqued as to why Sven was here at Beacon in the first place.

Certainly not to have small talk…

Tei pushed the thoughts away and grinned as he saw Garrison.

“Hey bud! I was wondering where you were. Listen, I think Ed has got a new machine he wants to show us in the dorm. Have you seen Sven, I can’t find him anywhere.” Garrison said excitedly, much to Tei’s amusement.

“I have seen him, but he probably doesn’t care, let’s go.” Tei responded.

Garrison looked slightly annoyed, but his strangely newfound good demeanor made a quick reappearance and he grabbed Tei’s arm and led him to the dorms where a very eager Ed was waiting for them.

“Hey Garrison, seems like you found him. No Sven? Ah well, that’s no matter, he’ll be using this all the time anyways. But lookie here. I have something really awesome to show you!”

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