Chapter 1: Tianee Musk

Tianee Musk walked along the halls, pondering about classes and such. She glanced up to see Nox headed her way, looking a bit satisfied. Curious, she opened her mouth slightly to ask him what it was, but upon seeing his gaze darken a bit after seeing her, she decided it would be better not to talk.

This small interaction occupied her thinking for a bit.

He is good looking, but other than the fact that he has better moves than any other Huntsman or Huntress that I have ever seen in action before… Anyways, why is he always mad? I wish he would be a tad bit nicer. He’d have more friends then.

Tianee looked up and a very preoccupied Jay Noir almost collided with her.

“Watch where you’re going!” Tianee snapped irritated.

Normally she would have not cared if Jay had collided with her. But after an incident a few weeks back she nursed a special spot of hatred for him.

She had been walking from class, a ton of books in hand, and he had slyly made her look clumsy by making her trip on a smooth hallway using that whip of his. She hadn’t seen what had happened, or how he had done it, but him leading the laughter and quickly putting his hand behind his back made her believe that he had done it, and being made to look clumsy by what she deemed to be a troublemaker wasn’t her idea of someone to be nice to.

She fumed at Jay’s back a few moments. But it was long enough to see him take his whip out and gesture with it. She glared at it and stormed off to her dorm to finish off her homework.

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