Chapter 2: Horatio 'Ed' Edgris

Horatio grinned upon seeing them.

“Hey Garrison, seems like you found him. No Sven? Ah well, that’s no matter, he’ll be using this all the time anyways. But lookie here. I have something really awesome to show you!”

Upon seeing Tei’s face he immediately corrected himself.

“Sorry, Sven’s the one I’ve been working on for the longest, there’s something here for both you and Garrison.” Ed corrected himself.

He pulled out a contraption that had a small computer at the back, with two winches operating along two sets of wires. It also had holsters which were curiously round.

“...Okay he left me a letter on the desk, but anyways, he wanted a way to be able to quick draw his tonfa, and also making the tonfa collapsible, here, take a lookie.”

He attached two tonfa to the holsters and they immediately folded up and winched back to where the shoulder blades would be.

“The tonfa retain the same properties as Sven’s current ones, including the safety. They only fold when in the holsters too, so they won’t hinder him in any way.” Ed explained. “Then when he just flicks his arm like so….”

Ed quickly jaunted the contraption and the tonfa shot out and hit both Tei and Garrison in the face. “Oops….” Ed said upon seeing their murderous glares with newly blooming bruises.

“Yea well, he can do that too, anyways, Garrison.” Ed hastily said.

He pulled out Garrison’s pistol and handed him a bag full of ammunition.

“I made extra bullets so don’t worry about ever running out, but anyways, I just increased the rate of fire on your pistol, they were good as they were, but you’ll be able to do more damage now.” Ed said running his hand along the gun.

“The bullets are specially modified with dust and the colour coded clips. they go like this. Red for fire, blue for water, light blue for ice, white for impact and yellow for lightning.”

Garrison nodded and clipped the new bullets onto his weapon.

Tei looked expectantly at Ed.

“Alright big guy, since you’re strong by yourself, you don’t really need stuff, but here’s a little something for you anyways.” Ed said and handed Tei a small device he could wear on his pants or jacket.

“This is a transmitter. I need a bit of information on you to develop those fighting suits since I can’t fully judge your strength.”

Tei nodded to let Ed continue.

“You see that button, one press and it’ll start transmitting live feed from a camera I’ve equipped in your helmet, that way, I can see how you fight from your standpoint. Two presses quickly one after the other will let me know you’re done and I can come collect the data with Olive.”

Ed noticed the look on tei’s face and quickly explained.

“Look Tei, your weapons are your fists, do you really want to be able to retract them, or be able to equip dust bullet cartridges to them?”

Ed breathed a sigh of relief at seeing Tei’s grin and leaned back over his worktable.

“I’ll make a power suit you wont believe” He said before starting to make the blueprints.

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