Chapter 2: Nox

Nox looked around before going into the simulation room.

He walked in and turned on his preference of music, a mixture or Alternate and Dubstep and started the simulation.

Fighting soothed him, made him at ease, he could vent all his anger during battle and not fear the consequences, in battle, he was a master of his art.

Nox sliced through the simulation enemies like butter, the music driving him to different heights, he effortlessly broke through the range of simulated androids, then Beowolves, and then finally calmed down after he slaughtered all the Ursa.

He shut down the simulator, turned the music off and walked out, finally prepared for the night that was to come.

He felt a figure run by him and looked around to see Sven running into the now empty simulation room. He had a kind of contraption in his hands and Nox watched slightly interested as he took off his jacket, put the gadget on and put his jacket back on, the wires and computer now not even noticeable.

Nox walked away after seeing that, whatever the gadget was, he could destroy it if it ever came to battle, and anyways, why ruin the surprise?

Nox walked to his room and started flipping through pages of possible members of his revolution.

The revolution that would shake Beacon to its very core.

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