Chapter 2: Sven

Sven walked down the halls, occasionally seeing people, such as Nox, and once getting a hello from Tei, a fellow teammate. But they weren’t who he was looking for at the moment.

He probably could’ve gotten the information from Nox, but better not risk it, after all, he wasn’t planning on asking nicely on the event that was gonna take place from what he had heard.

No, Sven Searfeld wanted to be completely anonymous.

Why anonymous? Because it’s better that when you’re about to go running into who-knows-what to be rather than completely exposing yourself and bringing yourself down.

Deep down, Sven knew he was overthinking things a bit, but better to be safe than sorry, but first, he had to confirm his information.

He slowly crept down the halls, casually looking around, but in fact scouting if anyone was behind him.

He crept to where the dorms were and slowly creeped up to the door where he knew he would eventually get the information.

He leant down and put his ear against the door.

“ we’re in, just like that?”

“Yea, seems like that Nox guy is planning something big.”

“Meh, just as long as blood and mayhem follow. Hehehe.”

“Cool it, Beacon Hills at nightfall, remember, then we’ll get all the information we need.”

At that point, Sven got up, and quickly dashed down the halls, almost running over an unfortunate Tianee and crashing into a few students with coffee.

Not bothering to apologize to either, except for an apologetic grimace at Tianee, he ran to his dorm where he found Ed poring over some blueprints.

“Hey Sven, your new holster is right on the table, use it…..”

Before Ed could finish the rest of the sentence, Sven had grabbed the gadget and ran out of the room again, this time to the simulation room.

Time to see what these can do. He thought.

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