Chapter 3: Aria

Aria turned on the shower, relaxing herself. She and Barth had “exercised” and she decided to have a shower to cool herself off.

She closed her eyes and let the water wash her away, when she heard the door open, she kept them closed, thinking that it was Barth and that maybe he would get in with her. It’d been a long time since they had a bath together.

“Hey Aria! Michael and Barth went off somewhere to talk and I need to go really bad, mind if I use this area for a bit? Thanks.”

Her eyes snapped open and she looked out the shower window to see Finn sitting on the toilet, grinning at her.

“FINN! I’m not wearing anything!” She yelled, covering herself with her hands.

Finn grinned and continued on with his business.

“It’s fine Aria, we’re teammates, and anyways, it’s not as if you’re BAD looking or anything, kinda hot if I’m honest, and anyways, I can barely see you, no need for the cover up.” He said cheerily.

If looks could kill, Finn would be dead immediately.

“If you can’t see me then you do you know that I’m covering up? “she asked bitterly, turning her back on him.

Finn’s permagrin never faded, “Because it’s so damn obvious, you’re so…. pure…. except for the exercising that you do with Barth, if you know what I mean.”

Aria’s quickly opened the door, slapped Finn, and closed it again.

“Get out, now.” She said menacingly.

Finn was rubbing his jaw where she had hit him and decided it would be best to leave Aria in peace.

“Fine fine fine, but stop being so antagonistic, it hurts my feelings.” He said before swaggering out.

“Asshole…” Aria muttered and turned the water off.

After getting out, she saw Finn pinned to the door by Reverend and Gungnir and Michael and Barth snickering.

“I’m sorry, I won't do it again.” came the muffled voice and Barth slapped Finn on the thigh.

“Good boy, now, I have something that I want to talk with all of you. Someone within our student society is planning something.” Barth said.

Aria raised her eyebrows and Finn attempted to raise his hand but collapsed it down again.

“Alright, now that I have your attention, time to explain the plan, if you please Michael.” Barth said.

Michael cleared his throat.

“Alright guys, the reason we’re having the conversation is because Barth and I both feel the same unease…”</span>

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