Chapter 3: Jay

Jay walked down the halls into the simulation room to see Sven dodging blows the beowolves around him. He went in and turned the simulation off, and the Grimm disappeared at once. Sven looked up, eyes burning.

Jay had his orders, and those orders were what had brought him here.

“Go in, utterly decimate him, then come to the meeting, and even if you can’t destroy him, knock him out, and if you can't even do that then don’t bother coming. I don’t have space for weaklings.” Nox had told him.

Jay pulled out his whip and silently moved forward.

Destroy him, must kill Sven, must not fail, cannot allow Sven to win.

He looked to see that Sven didn’t have any weapons, using his opportunity, Jay dashed forward and gave a low arm strike to Sven’s head…. and his arm passed right through it.

A HOLOGRAM? But how… I shut off the simulator, how could he….

Jay looked down to see a small ball displaying the hologram and realized he had been set up.

Before he could react, a hard metallic object hit him in the temple and he crumpled, unconscious.

“Never underestimate the power of speed.”

Jay didn’t notice as the real Sven gave him a hard kick to the ribs and walked off, his thoughts confirmed on the actions taking place.

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