Chapter 3: Judge

Judge Falk was restless.

He wasn’t scared or afraid, he wasn’t waiting for something special, or a gift.

No, Judge Falk was restless in anticipation for the night to come.

Certainly, he could’ve taken one of the assignments to go kill the Beowolves in the forest, or to slaughter an Ursa that was disturbing the peace somewhere. But he put all that aside when a person he had never spoken to before came and told him about joining a certain crew of mercenaries.

“Bring the rest of your team.” he had said before walking off.

Judge grinned as he grabbed Warped Guillotine and threw it against a wall, easily cutting into it.

Beacon Hills at nightfall, it would certainly be an interesting experience.

He turned around to tell his team about their plan of action., after all, what’s a revolution without teammates to watch your back?

“Team JBBS, let’s move.” He said before getting up and retrieving Warped Guillotine.

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