Chapter 3: Verdantos

Verdanatos Grenice was walking with Jr. Azulon, evidently annoyed by the current state of things.

“So, Verda, what do you want to do, huh? What do you want to do?” Jr said excitedly.

Verda groaned, out of all the people possible to hang out with he got stuck with the annoying kid who had to count with his fingers.

They had walked over to the edge of Beacon Cliffs and Verda looked down interested.

“Remember Initiation? That was a real rush, I wish something like that would happen again… Us being thrown into a strange situation with possible death hanging over our heads… But no one dies in tournaments…” Verda sighed, nostalgia overtaking him.

Jr grinned and ran ahead, “Can’t catch me Verda!” he called.

Verdantos groaned and looked up, and a flash of light on a metallic object caught his attention.

“Jr! Watch out!” He called.

The metallic object was a gun.

He saw a flash and Jr cried out, lost his balance, and started tumbling over the edge.

“JR! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Verda yelled and dashed after him, and made a mad grab as Jr went tumbling over the edge.

“Verda!” he heard Jr cry, and Verda attempted to grasp Jr’s hand.

“NO!” Verda yelled again as his fingers only grasped air and turned around to see the gun being retracted.

“YOU WAIT RIGHT THERE ASSHOLE! I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!” Verda screamed and started dashing his way up, his rage fueling him on.

When he reached the area where he had seen the gun, there was nothing to be found, except for an empty room with a single wasted shell on the floor.

Verdantos Grenice fell to his knees, and started weeping.

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