Chapter 4: Jr

Jr went tumbling down, his shoulder burning from where the bullet had entered.

He heard Verda screaming, but couldn’t make out the words, he gave a gasp of pain as his body hit the rock face many times.

He started crying at the point where he hit his chest on a jagged stone and felt his ribs break, his face was scraped, his clothes were torn, and many bones broken, he could no longer feel his torso.

Jr eventually came to a standstill and started crying out of pain, but also fear.

“Verda, Verda!” Jr cried pathetically, then his voice died out, vocal ccords horse and a cut across his neck.

He could hear noise above him, and started to feel woozy somewhat.

I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! Verda! Please! Come save me Verda!

Jr started panicking when his consciousness started to fade, the edges of his vision darkening.

No! I don`t want to die! Please! Save me someone! anyone! VERDA!!!!

Jr`s eyes widened slightly when he saw a King Taijitu slithering towards him.

This is how it ends…..

And Jr Azulon`s world went black.

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