Chapter 4: Michael

Michael Korry cleared his throat and looked at his fellow teammates and captain.

“Alright guys, the reason we’re having the conversation is because Barth and I both feel the same unease about something happening right in front of us that we are too blind to miss. I’ve done a bit of scouting and found a nest of… I can’t name it anything but darkness and nastiness.”

He looked at Barth who nodded for him to continue.

“Look guys, I’m assuming all of you know Nox?”

At the mention of the name, everyone drew collective gasps, even Barth.

“NOX? You didn’t mention..”

“I didn’t mention him, Barth, because I knew how you would react.” Michael said cutting Barth off.

Barth, nodded, his lips pursed and leaned back against the wall, his single arm across his chest.

“Look, currently we’re the only ones who probably know about this, excluding Nox’s people, but we can’t trust anyone, or risk getting eliminated.” Michael stated bluntly.

“Look Michael,” Aria said blocking him off, “We know you’re hyped up, but Finn and I have NO clue about what’s going on, so just spit it out!” She stated, eyes flashing.

Michael gave a quick nod and looked at Finn and noticed that he was still attached to the wall.

“Someone get him down, I need his attention as well for this.” Michael said a bit amused, but exasperated.

Aria and Barth both went and grabbed the weapons holding him to the wall and yanked, Finn Silato fell down in a heap and got up, swearing.

“Alright, good, now, since we can’t make the meeting tonight that’s happening, we’re going to tail one of the people I do know is in it and grab all our information from them. After getting all the information we need we’re going to need more people, people who are going to be against Nox, people we can trust.” Michael let that sink in.

“Who can we trust as of right now?” Barth asked.

Before Michael could reply, a gunshot rang out and all of Team BAMF rushed over to see an orange-haired boy falling over the edge of Beacon Cliffs and a person wearing all green yell.

To the left, they saw a gun being retracted from a building nearby and the green-suited one running at it.

Barth immediately rushed to the door to find it blocked by Finn.

“Get out of my way.” He snarled.

Michael put a hand on his shoulder.

“I know you want to help Barth, but it’s too late. but on the other hand….” Michael said, his face pale and grave from the murder he had just seen.

“...I think we just found teammate number one…” Michael finished.

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