Chapter 4: Nathan

Nathan was strolling along whistling to himself as he was cornered by Nox.

“What the heck do you want.” he muttered and attempted to get by him.

Nox barred his way and simply said, “Join me.”

“No…” Nathan replied, moving again, only to find Nox standing in front of him.

“You WILL join Nathan Corbeau…”

Suddenly Nox started disappearing before his eyes and Nathan started trying to grab onto what was remaining.

Nathan awoke in a start, drenched with sweat, he quickly walked over to the bathroom and started washing his face.

“Three months in a row I’ve had that dream…” He muttered aloud.

He glanced around and suddenly, a thought struck him.

I need to go to Beacon Cliffs at nightfall tonight… He thought urgently and looked at the time.

Phew, still plenty of hours until nightfall…

Nathan Corbeau looked outside after walking out of the bathroom and admired the beauty of Beacon for a few moments.

I’ll finally get the answers I need...

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