Chapter 4: Zilar

Zilar Ander was sitting in his dorm, looking outside at the scene below.

Students everywhere were celebrating and cheering, congratulating Team RWBY for their win at a tournament and Zilar looked at them sadly.

I can’t go down there… I’m too.. Different…

Zilar stretched and started when he heard a knock on the door.

He opened it to see a boy younger than him, albeit very good looking and such, looking at him and gestured for him to come outside.

Zilar looked quizzically at the person in front of him, but he simply gestured with his hand again, and started walking down the hall.

Zilar walked with this boy until they reached a door which Zilar immediately recognized as Ozpin’s office.

“What are you…” He began.

The boy, without replying, opened the door and searched through the many pages of books until he found the one he was looking for and threw it to Zilar.

Curiosity peaked, Zilar looked at the marked page and almost dropped it in disbelief.

On the right was Ozpin, and on the left, holding his shoulder, was his grandfather.

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