Chapter 5: Maki

Maki sighed as she sat on the bed, another day had come and gone and she had no fun whatsoever.

I wish that these people had something to offer. High stakes in battle, something that would be fun and exciting. UGH! Help me get outta this monotone! She thought miserably.

There’s the tournament.. wait.. no life or death situations there, just who runs out of aura first. That’s no fun!

She turned to her partner, Azalea, and grumbled slightly.

“Want to go do a bit of sparring?” Maki asked.

Azalea didn’t look up from her book, “No, but just because I know why you want to, I heard there’s a kind of meeting happening at nightfall. Something about overtaking Beacon. The stakes are high too, apparently, win or death.” Azalea said uninterested.

Maki sat up erect at the mention of death.

“High stakes?” she asked her partner.

“Yep, apparently, that’s what I heard at least. from that guy, Judge Falk, apparently he’s bringing his team along, you know, Bla….” Azalea started.

“Aha!” Maki said, cutting her partner off mid sentence.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, the chance for me to shine! These fuckers are gonna bow in front of me, and I’ll rule them all! Hahahaha!” Maki said, laughing and thrusting her chest out.

“I guess I’ll with you…” Azalea muttered.

“Damn straight you will, but don’t get in my way, understand?” Maki snapped.

Azalea shrugged and resumed reading, completely oblivious to the gleam in her partner’s eyes.

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