Chapter 5: Solas

Solas Chiaro grinned as he defeated his 8th opponent in the sparring room.

“Too easy dude, come on, give me something worthwhile!” Solas chuckled.

“You want worthwhile? I’m your man.” A familiar voice said behind him.

Solas turned around to see Aidan standing there, arms crossed across his chest, grinning up at his teammate.

Oh fuck….

“You sure you aren't tuckered out though? I think this’ll be too easy.” Aidan lightheartedly taunted.

Obviously! Dumbass!

Solas, however, grinned. “No way, it’ll take more than this to take down Solas Chiaro!” Solas grinned, gesturing to all his defeated opponents.

Aidan grinned and leapt up to the platform.

“Let’s do this Solas.” he said.

Dad, if you’re in heaven, make sure that you reserve a spot for me. Solas prayed.

Aidan had pulled out Dawnbreaker and Solas sighed before pulling out Dawnbringer.

Goodbye cruel world!

Solas made a wide swing with Dawnbringer and Aiden parried it easily.

Before Solas could react, he was slammed against the ground and Dawnbreaker was at his throat.

“Seems like worthwhile, didn’t last a while.” Aidan snickered and helped his teammate up.

“I’ll beat you someday, Aidan..” Solas muttered brushing himself off.

Aidan simply laughed and thumped his teammate on the back.

“Hate to break up the party, but we need to talk.” a voice said from behind them.

The two teammates turned around simultaneously to see Michael Korry and Bartholomew Varega standing there.

“What do you guys want….” Aidan started but Solas held a hand in front of him.

“We have to get back to our team soon, if you may, please tell us what you wish to tell, otherwise we will be off.” Solas said eloquently, much to Aidan’s scandalized look.

“Solas, these guys in sparring…” Aidan began.

“It was sparring, so that I why I can forgive them.” Solas interrupted.

Aidan nodded and backed away slightly.

“Thank you, we’ll continue now.” Michael said.

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