Chapter 5: Zilar

Zilar looked agape at the photo and the caption below it, although blurred out in some areas, mainly where his grandfather’s name would be, but that didn’t matter as the photo told him everything that he needed to know.

Ozpin ran the school, his grandfather knew Ozpin, thus his grandfather knew of Beacon. In fact.. it seemed that he had also been all for it, as Zilar read the passage.

“Today, (blurred) and I got together to discuss the starting of a school. A school designed to train warriors, Hunters and Huntresses alike who can take the future in their hands and defeat the Creatures of Grimm. I wish for him to lead the school, but as his age starts to fail him, he suggests I take over. I wish to say no, but his simple logic always stumps me. Thus, I have no other chance but to comply.”

Zilar read this a few times to make sure it was all true, and he started to crush the diary slowly in his fist.

He looked at the boy who had brought him, and murmured his thanks “Thank you for revealing this to me, now I truely know my plan of action.” He started to walk away when the boy spoke for the first time.


Zilar turned around, his rage boiling inside him, but not at this boy, no, at Ozpin and the bloody school of Beacon, he would do all in his power to utterly destroy it.

“My name is Nox.” the boy continued.

Zilar looked at this Nox person and nodded once slowly.

“I have a plan for a revolution, that will shake this school to it’s foundation and destroy it utterly, join me and we’ll take over it together.” Nox said eloquently.

Nox outstretched a hand and Zilar looked at it for a second before making his decision.

Zilar reached out with his hand, grasped the proffered one and shook it.

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