Chapter 6: Erin

Erin watched as Nathan walked out from his dorm and headed off to who-knows-where, still in his regular clothes.

I’m worried, he doesn’t talk much anymore, he doesn’t seem like himself anymore , it’s weird to see him like this… He hasn’t talked to me in days… I wonder what’s up with him. I’ll ask him later.

Erin reached around and felt for her weapons.

Good, I just might need these…

Suddenly, Erin heard a scream which was promptly put out and she dashed towards the source of the noise.

Please no Nathan…..

When she arrived at what she assumed to be the location of the scream, she looked around and noticed a door was ajar with the name “Peter Port” written on the door in ornate golden writing.

Erin slowly pushed the door open and gasped as she took in the scene.

The window was smashed, and there must have been a fight, but Professor Port’s Blunderaxe was smashed into a table and he was nowhere to be seen.

Erin gasped and tumbled backwards, and leaned on a wall for support, but her weary demeanor did not stop her from hearing a second scream.

This one belonging to Professor Oobleck.

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