Chapter 6: Finn

Finn awoke to a sudden scream and looked around his dorm. There was no one there except for Barth who had also woken up with a start.

“You heard that didn’t you?” Barth asked urgently.

Finn nodded once, unsure of what to do.

Barth looked slightly pale.

“That sounded like Professor Oobleck, come on Finn, I think Nox is making the first move now. Michael and Aria are keeping watch near the training room, so they wouldn’t have heard that, we have to go investigate.”

Without waiting for Finn’s reply, Barth quickly put on a short sleeved shirt and vest and grabbed Reverend.

“Let’s go."

Finn quickly got up and put on a white t-shirt and black headband, strapping his jutte across his back.

Barth opened the door and stopped for a second.

“Finn, I will warn you right now, this is not going to be pretty if we end up in a combat situation with an adversary. There is often death, and if you kill someone tonight and feel it haunting you, feel free to tell me. As your leader, I have a duty towards you and the rest of my team. I will not let this end like the fauna wars.”

Finn stared at Barth in shock. Rarely had he heard his leader talk about the wars, and that too, also willing to give Finn some support if required. Finn nodded once and Barth walked into the halls.

Barth lead Finn in what he claimed was the direction of the scream. After around twelve minutes of walking Barth sighed.

“It seems that we are too late, Oobleck is gone. Tomorrow, we tell Ozpin about Nox and all of what has happened. I was an idiot to think that us students could handle it. I’m sorry…”

Barth sighed.

"I went with Michael to recruit Team MANS as well… Since I know that they won't go over to the other side. They willingly agreed, well, Solas and Aidan did, but…. I put all of us into danger… Why…” Barth groaned.

Finn patted Barth’s shoulder, unsure of what to say, but then a movement in the darkness caught his attention.

“Barth….” Finn started.

A cloaked figure walked out from the shadows, and Finn swore he heard him mutter “excellent”.

“Who are you?” Barth immediately demanded.

The figure made no reply and instead pulled out what seemed to be a knife.

“I asked who you are!” Barth yelled.

The figure pulled back his cloak and both Finn and Barth gasped slightly.

“Bartholomew Varega, Finn Silato, this is where you both die.” Abbandon Tomb sneered.

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