Chapter 6: Markus

Markus listened to Nox speak and his grin grew wider as the plan went on. He had been personally recruited here by Nox and this plan excited him. Especially the many deaths that would seemingly follow. Ahh, he had been glad when Nox has approached him with the request that he join him in his plans. Promising war. A lot of it. intrigued, Markus decided to show up tonight. and look at where it had gotten him. This escapade would be perfect. His, special project, per se, or destroying all without really destroying the landscape, or the foundation.

“Get rid of the teachers, one by one, do not maim, make the ones left realize what is happening before you take them all out. But do not kill them. The new Beacon will also have classes taught be these teachers. But I want them all, especially the Ozpin and Goodwitch characters, to know what is happening to their precious school and that they are powerless to stop it. Hehehehe”

His own personal orders, given by Nox.

Markus walked off, his cloak fluttering in the wind, and jumped up a tower until he reached a window.

The man inside was average height, with white hair and a bulbous white moustache which looked quite good, despite its size. And was fairly plump. Markus did not know his name, but he did not care for this. For this man was Target Number 1. He would not enjoy carrying this body around. But needs must be.

I`ll try not to harm the Goodwitch person and other females. He thought to himself.

After all, it`s normal for demons to hate harming children and womenfolk is it not?

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