Chapter 6: Nox

Nox stood at the foot of Beacon Hills and listened as more and more student’s arrived.

Excellent, all the ones I wanted are here… Including a few that seem to have been brought by their greed or want for change. Excellent, no potential traitors in my midst.

Nox turned around, eyes seeming to glow in the moonlight.

“Alright, so all of you are here for a reason, that reason is that, as some of you may have heard, to overtake Beacon, or because there is going to be a revolution that will shake Beacon to it’s core.” Nox paused to let his words hang in the air.

“Both of these facts are true, and I will say right now, that I made sure that each one of you, including our friend that’s hiding, heard about this, and came, because, frankly, Beacon doesn’t have much of a future with Ozpin doing the running.”

Nox started to pace across the launch pads.

“These teams, although you may seem to like them, are actually, frankly, quite useless. Only as one singular being are we at our strongest. They say that there is power in numbers, but all it takes, is one person, to bring something crumbling down.”

Nox stopped pacing and look at all the assembled.

“You must be thinking of how ironic it is. I expect all of us here, to work together to bring Beacon down, but at the same time, I’m saying that our individual strengths are needed, the reason I bothered to bring you all here is because I know we all are of one mindset, and that mindset is what defines us as unique, We will work together to rebuild Beacon, and then we will go our own ways, we all will be known as the Mercenary Revolution, the singular people who worked together to bring such a strong foundation down to dust.”

Nox looked at each person in turn, and his cold eyes seemed to shine brighter.

Heh, they’re all hooked. Even that Nathan Corbeau…. Seems like the Dream Manipulation Dust worked its charm.

“We are the Mercenaries, and we will completely overhaul Beacon, now, if you all will listen, this is the plan….”

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