Chapter 7 - Abbandon

Abbandon Tomb smiled as his first two targets made an appearance,  also, his job was much easier now. Nox had warned that there may be all four members of Team BAMF present, but only these two had made an appearance. All the easier to take down by far. If he recalled them correctly from the files Nox had shown him, the the one with one arm was Bartholomew Varega, ex-military and leader of the group. And the white haired one, but unfortunately, not grinning sillily like he was in the shot Nox had of him, was Finn Silato, number one screw-up and weakest link.

Abbandon smile grew wider as he knew how easy this could be, he could take down Finn first, and while Barth was grieving him, as he knew he would, he could  finish him off. Michael Korry and Aria Jager would most definitely be torn by the deaths of their teammates and easy to kill once he met them. Nox certainly had thought this out well.

Abbandon looked back to where Markus would most definitely be taking out another teacher, but he couldn’t be there for the fun, he had to go take out Erin Corbeau after these two, as she could potentially alter the hard work that Nox had done on Nathan’s mind, and thus, she could be a hindrance. But Abbandon did not care about these petty details. He had a job to do.

And that job was to kill these two off as fast as possible.

Abbandon quickly dashed forward and slashed at Barth who nimbly dodged to one side and cut in a wide arc with Reverend. However, since he hadn’t been charging it up, the impact was much less than what could have been possible if he had been charging it up from the moment he had noticed Abbandon. Abbandon dived and and flipped himself below Barth and stabbed Barth’s chest with Plague, but although it cut through the skin, with a dull clang, Plague bounced off and Abbandon noticed a sliver of metal shining through Barth’s shirt where he had cut him.

Shit, he has metal plates embedded in his skin? Nox did NOT tell me about this. Seems like I have to attack his head then….

However, his gaze rested on Finn, standing there idly by and Abbandon remembered his original plan.

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