Chapter 7: Barth

Barth swung with Reverend, but Abbandon, showing a flexibility that he had not expected, dodged the strike and got under Barth’s guard. Barth winced, feeling the blade in his chest, but was relieved to see that the blade had hit one of the steel plates embedded below his skin. Abbandon suddenly seemed to come to a realization and smiled.

Barth looked at him puzzled, but took his opponent’s hesitation as a chance to start charging up Reverend for a shot. Abbandon suddenly darted past Barth and the confused ex-military fighter looked behind him to see Finn standing there, and Abbandon bearing down on him with his knife.

Barth swore and darted after Abbandon.

I’m not going to make it… Barth realized and reared back, unsure of how much damage he could do with Reverend.

However, he heard a clang and saw that Finn had blocked Abbandon’s knife with his jutte.

Barth gave a sigh of relief and looked at his teammate.

I’m sorry Finn, but you’re going to have to be alone for a while.

Barth held reverend parallel to the ground in front of him and started building up energy.

I’ll end this in one shot.

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