Chapter 7: Finn

Finn moved quickly to block the knife with his jutte and looked over Abbandon’s shoulder to look at Barth. Barth was holding Reverend parallel to the ground and seemed to be inputting his aura for a shot. In the quick distraction that finn had, Abbandon quickly put in a fire-type dust cartridge and went under Finn’s guard. Before the white-haired boy could react, Abbandon slashed Finn’s chest and Finn gave out a yell.

Finn staggered back and put a hand to his bleeding chest, the edges of his shirt flaming slightly and Finn put them out quickly.

Not good, this guy’s flexibility gives him an edge over me, and my max speed probably won’t last long enough for me to put him down, the best I can do is buy some time.

Finn just barely made this resolution when Abbandon slashed his left shoulder with a different cartridge, but Finn couldn’t tell which through the searing pain in his shoulder.

Hurry… Barth...

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