Chapter 8: Barth

Barth held his ground although he saw Finn get assaulted multiple times.

I’m sorry Finn, just hold out a bit longer.

Barth looked down at Reverend.

If I wait any longer, the crystal will probably crack once I attack Abbandon, better unleash it all now.

Barth raised Reverend and gave a yell.

“Finn, get out of the way!”

Finn noticed the Zweihander and immediately rolled out of the way. Abbandon turned around, eyes blazing.

“What do you think you’re…”

Abbandon’s eyes widened once he saw Barth swinging Reverend.

“You we’re just charg…”


Barth panted and looked at the area where he had swung to see the floor and wall completely obliterated, but no Abbandon in sight.

Where’d he..

Barth felt a stabbing just below his armpit and his arm collapsed and froze.

“Impressive.” Abbandon said behind him.

Barth growled menacingly.

“Ohh, scary, but that arm isn’t usable anymore, just like your other one, not that you’ll be needing it anymore.” Abbandon said mockingly.

Barth looked back at Abbandon and went to move, but his arm was completely frozen and he had a death grip on Reverend, which was stuck in the ground and not letting him move from the spot.

“You know, I was planning on getting rid of Finn first, but after you, he’ll be easy.” Abbandon taunted.

Abbandon reared back and then charged at Barth.

“Say goodbye!” Abbandon yelled.

Barth slowly closed his eyes.

So this is how it ends….

Abbandon swung with his knife at Barth.


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