Chapter 8: Grayson

Grayson Terra could say at the time, that a revolution within Beacon was the very last thing he expected, however, that was, more or less what he witnessed.

He had been alone in a room at the time, playing his violin, the instrument playing like an extension of his soul, beautiful, melodious, and passionate.

He felt a bit melancholy this night, and thus had opted for something that would be played on a battlefield.

Originally written for cello, but transposed into treble clef by Grayson during his free time, The Cellist of Sarajevo was certainly such a piece. Written for Vedran Smailovic by a certain David Wilde to express his feelings of brotherhood, as for over a year, Smailovic had played in public areas where fighting happened, where people hid, at the front lines of the battlefield. Smailovic had miraculously survived the ordeal.

Halfway through bar 78, Grayson heard a yell come from outside the door and immediately stopped played.

He went and peeked outside of the door and the scene there surprised him a bit, as it was happening in Beacon, to say the least.

Bloodstains were everywhere and part of the hallway was utterly destroyed, and three people stood in the centre of the destruction and he watched in slight interest as one of them collapsed onto the floor.

Grayson leaned against the door, deciding to watch this as a passive observer, he had left his violin back inside the room, and this seemed interesting enough to watch, however, he did feel a mild bit of annoyance that these three people had interrupted him so rudely.

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