Chapter 9: Abbandon

Abbandon gasped as two deep gashes appeared in his chest.

Right before I could activate pale harvester…. how…?

“ARGH!” Abbandon yelled and collapsed to the floor.

Abbandon groaned and looked up to see Finn bleeding profusely.

No way. I hit him? He took my attack and launched a counterattack right after? How is that possible?

Abbandon saw Finn’s aura around his legs and arms and realized what the boy had done.

He took my attack and used his aura to attack me? He literally put his soul into the last shot? That’s suicide!

“He.. That kid..”

Abbandon got up and started limping away, his chest burning, but he ignored the pain, Finn had caused some damage, but he hadn’t hit anything vital. However, if he didn’t get medical attention, he would die. Abbandon gave a groaned and stumbled a bit, feeling lightheaded.

“You wait right there!” Barth yelled from behind him.

Abbandon looked back, eyes burning with hatred.

“You better tend to the kid, he’s not gonna live at this rate, and anyways, since I managed to down both of you, this is my win, Bartholomew Varega.”

Abbandon limped a bit more until he reached the shadows from where he had come from.

’ll kill you someday as well, Bartholomew Varega. Just wait. Team BAMF just lost the F.

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