Age 17
Alias Angel
Nickname Cri
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Male
Born September 1st
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Red
Height 6'0"
Weight 67 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank Middle
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team DAMN
Partner Nox
Occupation Mercenary (Former), Hunter-in-training
Personal Status
Relatives Kodai Bikon, adoptive grandfather
Additional Info
Emblem CrimalEmblem
Likes Fighting, Winning, Mornings
Dislikes Having his time wasted, Losing, Insects & Arachnids
Special Skills Concussion; Divas Virtus
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Crimal Mison, is a young mercenary-turned-Beacon Student.


Crimal is of slightly above average height with an athletic build. He has pale skin and medium-length pointy white hair with bangs that cover part of his face. He has red irises and Aura Runes tattooed onto the left half of his face, next to his eye.

He is most often seen wearing his hooded red-and-black jacket with Crimson Ragnarok on the back, which he hardly ever zips up. Underneath the jacket is a black t-shirt. He also wears black-and-red cargo pants, in which he stores any papers or information about his objective. He also occasionally keeps explosive equiptment such as a grenade in there, just in case.


There is nothing Crimal loves more than a good fight, to the point that his main reason for enrollment in Beacon Academy was due to the belief that it would give him a chance to fight stronger opponents.

He doesn't mind fighting and crushing weaker enemies so much as he hates it when someone, such as a weaker enemy, wastes his time or gets his hopes up that they're going to be a good fight. He wouldn't attack a fleeing enemy whose spirit had been broken, and he dislikes bullies, seeing them as those who fight the weak to avoid having a challenge.

Crimal is not a cruel person, but he occasionally comes across as quite rude or arrogant, and he considers some people to be beneath him.

Despite his violent nature and habits, Crimal is an oddity in that unlike a number of his mercenary brethren, he has yet to take a life, opting instead to disable or capture targets. He has some rudimentary medical expertise, and is usually able to prevent those he seriously injures from expiring before an ambulance can arrive.

He respects someone more who stands up to him than someone who backs down, who he considers not worth his time.

He enjoys the soft light of the early morning, when most of the world is calm.

He has a violent hatred of insects and arachnids, and will often go out of his way to destroy them.

Despite his lust for battle, Cri has a rather strong sense of chivalry.  He isn't one to resort to dirty fighting unless he really feels he needs to, or the enemy is doing so. He is also more reluctant to fight women.

In certain social situations, when he feels awkward, he adopts a more aggresive personality to cover any awkwardness. This stems from his childhood in the orphanage consisting mainly of fighting with the other boys.


Crimal was born in an orphanage in the region of Vale. He would often get in fights with the other boys, and was always thought of as a rude and undisciplined child.

When he turned nine, he joined a street gang and committed petty crimes along with them, earning himself a reputation for being violent.

On one such day when Cri and his gang were in a brawl with another gang, the VPD arrived to break it up and arrest the children. Cri fled, and ran into a rival gang member with a gun, pointed right in Cri's face.

As the other gang member prepared to fire, he got knocked on the head by the top of a cane. With barely a glance at his savior's face, Cri took off and ran back to the orphanage.

The next day, the orphanage manager called him over. Believing that the police had recognized him, and that his arrest was imminent, he was surprised when he learned that he was being adopted by an old man named Kodai Bikon, the one who had saved him the night before.

Kodai explained that he had seen him fighting last night, and thought he had potential. Cri decided to show just how much potential he had, and attacked the old man.

In less than six seconds, he was on his back with the point of Kodai's cane resting on his throat.

The old man offered to show him how to survive in the great wide world, and Cri accepted.

After three years of training, a stronger, tougher, 11-year-old Crimal, armed with his new Aura Rune tatoos, went on to train at Signal academy.

In his third year of Signal, he accidentally greviously wounded another student during a sparring match, leaving him crippled. After this event, Crimal was expelled from Signal, and he became a mercenary in the employ of the Nightshade Private Military Company, fighting for money.  

After a year of work as a mercenary, Crimal pleaded with Kodai to help him get into Beacon academy, because Crimal thought it would allow him to fight stronger opponents. Kodai was able to convince Professor Ozpin to allow Crimal to join Beacon Academy, so that he could become a Hunter and prove to everyone that he could take whatever the world would throw at him.

Blast Off

When Crimal got to Beacon, he went through the intiation. He got launched over the Emerald Forest, and met up and teamed up with the mercenary Nox. Their first act of teamwork was to kill a baby Death Stalker. After they retrieved the artifacts, they were attacked by a larger Death Stalker, which they defeated with the help of Jacen and Jay, their new teammates. He was attacked by Sven, another initiate, but the other initiates helped him defeat Sven, and they returned to Beacon academy. He joned Nox, Jacen, and Jay to form team JJCN.

Fall From Grace

After noticing that Nox seemed angry at Jacen, Cri attempted to track down Jacen to ask him why. Upon finding him, he discovered Jacen forcing himself on a female student. Nox and Messer both ran into the confrontation. Nox threw his techknife through Jacen's hand, but then Messer froze him in a barrier of ice to prevent him from killing Jacen. Cri then proceeded to punch Jacen in the face with his aura, knocking him down the hallway and ripping the knife out of his hand.

Cri, Messer, and Nox went to Ozpin about it, and Team JJCN was dissolved. The three of them, joined by Jr. Azulon, formed Team DAMN.

Covert Ops

Crimal and a group of fellow trainees from Beacon activated a training sim for a covert operation to retrieve a VIP. Cri teamed up with Nox, and they entered the bunker first.

A Scream in the Night

After hearing a mysterious scream in the night on the streets of Vale, Crimal investigated. He found a strange figure standing over some dead bodies, and the figure rushed at him as though to attack. However, it stopped and fled, as Crimal realized he was not alone, and there were five other Hunters-in-training there, as well.

A Monster's Den

It was a normal day for Team DAMN. At least, they thought so, until Nox recieved a ValeMail from a contact on the inside of the criminal group known as The Nine Dragons of Vale. The team moved in, to bust up an illegal fighting ring and hopefully strike a powerful blow against the organization.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Aura Runes: Crimal fights unarmed, but augmented by Aura Rune tattoes. These allow him to focus his aura, and give him an advantage over a completely unarmed fighter without any tools
  • Physical Attributes: Crimal's strength, speed, stamina, and endurance are higher than those of an average person

Crimal uses both styles of Divas Virtus, taught by his master, Kodai Bikon.

When he fights, he focuses his aura on his strikes. He can use it in different forms of attack, from ones designed to pierce through an enemies defenses, to ones that are purely concussive in nature, designed to not pierce but to instead knock back or crush a foe.

However, this means that he uses up his Aura faster than a normal hand-to-hand fighter, and will tire more quickly.

Academically speaking, Cri often does worse than many of his classmates. He can't help it; classroom work is boring to him.


Crimal's Semblance is concussion.  He can create concussive bursts within a few feet of himself.  This can be used to knock back an opponent with a concussive burst of air, or disrupt the path of a projectile in his vicinity. He uses this to augment his Divas Virtus, as his ability can apply to both styles.

A base usage of it is to vastly increase the power or impact of his strikes, similar to what one might see from a shotgun staff, or making punching similar to effect as a punch by a pair of DRSG.


  • Kodai Bikon: Despite his commonly rude demeanor for the old man, Cri thinks of him as the one stable thing in his ever-shifting life.  He also experiences towards him the standard love one might experience for a grandparent. He has a habit of attempting to surpass Kodai, and attacking him unawares, but he has yet to even come close to defeating the old man.
  • Nox: Cri had heard of him when he was in the mercenary business, but had never met Nox in person. He first met Nox upon their initiation to Beacon, and they teamed up after landing in the Emerald Forest. At first, he somewhat disliked Nox, considering him arrogant or cocky, but he soon warmed up to him.  They later teamed up with Messer Danam and Jr Azulon to form Team DAMN.
  • Messer: Cri first met this acrobatic fighter at Signal Academy. They soon became friends, and occasionally sparred, with both of them using hand-to-hand with a twist involved. They lost touch for a while after Cri was expelled, though, and Cri never saw him again until they met at Beacon Academy.
  • Jr. Azulon: Despite a rather rocket first meeting, Cri has developed a friendship with his teammate. 


  • Crimal uses Aura Runes, a gift from his adoptive grandfather.
  • The name 'Crimal Mison' comes from the shade of red, 'Crimson'.


Author Notes

  • The title, 'Blood Angel', came from the term for a fight-loving character, a 'Blood Knight'.







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