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Crisanto Springfield-De La Realeza
Age 6
Nickname Cris
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Male
Born April 23
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion White
Hair Gold with brown highlights
Eyes Crimson
Height 2.8 ft
Weight 24 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Bluthardt Family
Occupation Combat servant-in-training
Personal Status
Relatives Ardon Springfield (grandfather)

Chloris Springfield (grandmother, deceased)

Chloe S. De La Realeza (mother)

Unnamed father

Additional Info
Likes Outdoor activities, yo-yo, cuddling, new friends, his family
Dislikes No play time, studying theoretical stuffs, eating vegetables
Special Skills Playing yo-yo, being cute


Crisanto is a young boy with light tanned complexion dressed in short-sleeved white casual blouse, black short jean pants, and black shoes. Small and not so thin with adorable cheeks, this 5-year old boy has a golden hair with brown highlights. His curious crimson eyes screams pure innocence. He also has a lion tail what sometimes wags wildly like a dog which indicates his faunus heritage.


The young lion faunus is born to Chloe S. De La Realeza, a Huntress, and an unnamed father who is also a Huntsman. For now, he's also the only grandchild of Ardon Springfield, the butler of the Bluthardt children at Amethyst Belt in Vale where he's also residing.

Crisanto is currently a combat servant-in-training mentored by other servants. He learned and is still learning how to play yo-yo from his father, who is away most of the time, and is taking lessons about human anatomy, proper manners, and physical education under his grandfather. Chloe is home-schooling him how to read, write, and use the four basic mathematical operations which he has a long, long way to go. She's also teaching him how to use knives on meat of any animals in the kitchen before cooking.

He also plays an important role in playing with the children at the Bluthardt's orphanage every time he visits there in order for the children, especially human ones, not to be infected with anti-faunus mindset.

Soon, he will be fully desensitized like every member of the Bluthardt household.


Crisanto is a bubbly child. He loves playing games and befriending strangers, mostly children of his own age. True to his character, he has a passion in cuddling and snuggling to those whom he's close to, even to his masters/mistresses despite his status as their servant.

Though he appears dense to his surroundings, he has some degree of skills to feel something's off or missing that he couldn't put his finger on. Sometimes, his empathy is good enough to understand whether his lively side is suitable in the situation.


Due to his age, Crisanto has few skills. He's still learning to use yo-yo and to do basic things that can be learned in school. Perhaps his cuteness can be a skill.....


  • Crisanto is both a Spanish and Greek name meaning “Flower of gold” while the Spanish last name, De La Realeza, means “Of the royalty”. His whole name translates to “Golden flower of the royalty”.
  • Right now, I'm feeling a little guilty that he'll grow up the same way as his family......

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