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W-why did you trust me with this position...? I-I mean, other people don't......
— Crystal Nelde

Crystal Nelde
Crystal Nelde
Age 17
Status Active
Color Crimson
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Fair
Hair Light red
Eyes Cyan
Height 5'5"
Weight 110 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team CIST
Partner Idina Caliber
Occupation Student
Jobs Artist
Additional Info
Emblem Crystal Symbol
Likes Butterflies, anything with pictures, food.
Dislikes Large crowd, being the center of attention, text book.
Character Theme

Crystallized Dream


Crystal is an average female with slightly tanned complexion, crimson colored hair and light blue eyes. She is slightly chubby with noticeable wide hips and thick thigh. Part of her hair is tied in a ponytail on the left with golden chain while the rest is let loose.

Crystal wears a brick-red cloak that reaches above her elbow over a similarly colored dress, with gold ribbon at the beginning and end of both her dress and cloak. Her crest is just below the neckline of her dress and she wears copper a corset, with gold lace.

Crystal wears a brick red bracelet with two rings on her right hand, with two dangling chains connecting the ring and the bracelet. Her mechanic wings are a part of her corset, with a cog-gear machine inside a thin yet strong shell shaped like a crystal Dust, and the wing is made from transparent fabric and metal wires painted gold. She wears brick-red high-heeled boots that reach above her ankle, lined with gold at the end.


Crystal is a timid and meek individual, who is very afraid of being in the center of the attention - despite being the leader of her team. She isn't good at starting or keeping a conversation, nor is very confident when it comes to herself. She is also very naive and gullible, which make her an easy target for everyone to pick on. Crystal's emotion is readable like an open book for outsiders, sometimes before she could even tell her own feeling at the time. She is terrible at keeping secrets.

However, she's very warm and devoted. She rarely seen without a smile when being around her friends and teammates. Crystal is sensitive to any changes in her friend's moods and is willing to listen to pretty much anything they want to tell her. She is also very understanding and rather mature (in a childish sort of way) when dealing with situation like this, which is why she can easily break off arguments and fights.

Crystal is actually very smart and quick in picking up things - she often sees what most people don't and comes up with nontraditional methods to solve problems. However, she is also easily distracted, and can zone out quite often.

In the battlefield, she prefers to not fight and acts like a supporter, and is very merciful to her enemies. Usually her teammates has to cover her until the last moment (and sometimes, fight in her place).

Her hobbies consist of doodling and staring at butterflies, as well as taking photos of food before she eats them. Crystal doesn't like text book (or pretty much anything with lots of words and no pictures what so ever) and dark corner. Love light cheese cake and chamomile tea (her teammates abuse the fuck out of this whenever they want something that require leader's written approval).


Crystal was born and grew up in an island called Lutin Creux with her mother - Clarion Nelde, and she didn’t know who her father was. For most of her childhood, she spent very little time interacting with her mother and everyone else who lived there, and the few times she did interact with someone, Crystal would only listen and not speak to them out of shyness.

As a result, she grew up to be an extremely timid child and is easily startled when other people approached her, so Crystal would often wandered away from the town into the forest on her own. It led her to meet and befriend with Peri Winter - another girl of her age, next to a huge tree. Peri is the complete opposite of Crystal, but the two girls’ personalities completed each other and they easily become best of friends.

The girls would often meet by the tree and there, Peri taught her how to use Dust as well as building the mechanic fairy wings. During this time, Crystal grew to be a curious and imaginative girl who loves to daydream and paint, as well as exploring the world outside the island.

However, in order to leave the island, one must received permission from the leader of the town - Clarion Nelde. It was an impossible feat, especially when Crystal wasn't on a good term with her mother. So instead of asking, Peri managed to sneak into Crystal’s room and smuggled her out, planning to get on the first airship that leave the island that night.

The two girls successfully got on board, however, while the ship was on its way to Vale, a large group of Nevermore attacked it and crashed the airship, resulting in everyone but Crystal died. She was found unconscious inside an abandoned church and brought back to the nearest place - Beacon Academy, for recovery. Although unintentionally, she managed to impress Ozpin with her Dust prowess and was invited to attend Beacon Academy that year.

Weapon and ability:


Faith Trust
Crystal has two weapons: Faith and Trust
  • Faith - Energy Converting Bracelet: A red and brown bracelet with Crystal's symbol on top and a small revolving chamber with 6 Dust slots. Three chains are connected from the bracelet to the two rings on her fingers. She wears it on her right hand and uses it to cast Dust energy.
  • Trust - Magnetic Mechanic Fairy Wings: A pair of mechanic wings that looks similar to fairy wings. They are able to fold in and out and flaps with high speed. The pattern on the wings can transfer the Dust energy from the backpack to the chambers and throughout the wings, before exhales it out, combining with the flapping motion and allowed Crystal to maneuver in the air. The Dust released from the wings often makes chiming sounds and the fans built inside the chambers help cool the wings down.


She is physically weak and easily worn out when walking or standing for too long, often relying on Trust's flying function to move around. Crystal fights by the movement of her arms, hands and fingers, casting Dust energy through the two rings on her fingers as her hands move.

Crystal Semblance

Crystal's Semblance

Her Aura's color is gold, and her particle is glowing butterflies.

Crystal's Semblance is "Jingle!" - She is capable of reconstruct her memories as solid clones that play out a specific scene of her choice. The clones are able to act as solid matter for 3 to 5 interactions/attacks before dissipating. The number of attacks a memory clone could endure is proportional to the detail of the clone or scene, meaning the more detail there is in the clone, the less hits it can take Alternatively, the clones can be augmented with elemental Dust to become a solid statue of the Elemental Dust.

Take note that the clones act out a scene and is comparable to a video playing back a family memory. The trajectory and actions of the clones do not change in accordance to an attack's movements but rather act as moving shields when the Semblance activates.

Currently, Crystal can only recreate the memory of Peri. A side effect is that she becomes easily distracted and zone out quite often.

In Battle:


  • Crystal fights very graceful on her own, as if she was performing a dance on air while casting raw Dust with ease. Her attacks are often very powerful on their own, but lack of a specific pattern as Crystal often improvise as she goes.

With Team:

  • While fighting along side with her teammate, Crystal's ability to cast Dust is often used to warn to her team - usually after she received a signal from Sirce that there is a change in tatic. She usually fight the least among her team, only act as a messanger, as well as charging Faith for the final attack, so Crystal is heavily protected by her teammates as she prepare for it.


  • Crystal Symbol

    Crystal's Symbol

    Idina was the first to notice and crack through her shell when she arrived in Beacon, and Crystal is comfortable around her. Crystal helps Idina with her engineering by collecting necessary parts and she spends a lot of time watching Idina tinkering. She helps paint the weapons Idina makes, and they are very playful around each other, often setting Tianee off with the messes they make.
  • Her relationship with Sirce is mutually beneficial. They rarely talk to each other (Mainly because Sirce finds her annoying) unless it has something to do with the assignment and/or battle strategies. They both share a love for trees and one can easily catch the two of them together in the garden or the backyard. Even though they rarely converse, the two of them understand each other well enough to know what the other needs before they even say it.
  • She respects Tianee, and often asks her to help with small works. Crystal remains calm and gentle around her, enough to keep Tianee from strangling Idina many-a-time. She gets scolded rather a lot by Tianee when she slacks off in class, but often gets away with it because of her fast learning.
  • Crystal loved Peri dearly because she is her first friend, often reached out to her whenever she was sad or being teased/bullied.


  • Doodle a lot in class.
  • She has her mother's last name.


  • Crystal Nelde was created on May 5th.
  • Crystal is alludes to the "fairy".
  • Crystal is also alludes to Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
  • Nelde is a different form of Nelda. It means "From the elder-tree home", which alludes to the shade of reddish brown of an old, dry tree. Her full name means "Crystal Elder Tree"




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