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Name: Crystal Weston

Race: Human

Species: Caucasian

Age: 15

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Favorite Color: Pink and Yellow

Eye color: Purple

Family: Brother's are Black and Clay. Sister's are Alice, Lara, Ashley, and Allison.

Parents: Mother is Jackie. Father is to be anounced.


Crystal is the youngest and smallest of the Weston Siblings. She is 5'5". She has Pink hair with a Yellow bow. Purple eyes. She wears a Pink shirt. She wears either yellow shot shorts or a pink mini skirt. She wears pink fingerless gloves and yellow tennis shoes. Plus she is a little petite.


Being the youngest, she is more childish and a little immature. But she is quite smart. Book smart and weapon smarts. She is small and cuddly with her family members and friends. She's quite agile, fast, and tough for being 15. She really dont have a craze rage momment. She is actually quite calm when someone bother's her a lot.

Weapons and Abilities

Crystal's weapon is called Destiny's End. The color of the weapon is pink and yellow. It is a modified escrima sticks that are at least 1'5" long. She could attach them to make them 3' long to a maximum to 6'. They are also pistols as well.

They cant be used in staff form. They are calibered in .45 ACP. The handles have razor blades that she can use when she spins them real fast it would be more effective.

She can use low grade dust spells in both forms. She is still learning to use stronger spells than the ones she knows of.

Her Aura is pink and yellow, which enhances her strength and agility.

Her sembalance enchances her spells and weapons damage and speed.

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