Cuivre Akkan
Age 17
Color Copper
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Deer
Handedness Ambidextrous
Hair Copper
Eyes Brown
Height 167cm
Weight 65kg
Professional Status
Team Team SCAR
Partner Arian Aeonosis
Occupation Student
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It was a life.


Something. Will figure it out.

Weapon and skills

Ora Querelis

Custom made Twin Grapple Claws, Cuivre had made them during his time at Signal. They are two gauntlets which give him strong hand to hand abilities, making his punches hit hard. However this is not their most effective form. Both gauntlets have claws attached just behind the wrist, extending past the hand to make each punch or swipe deadly. The right hand claw has a grapple mechanism built into it though, which holds two purposes. One is the grapple itself, he can reel in opponents or objects as a combat bonus, or pull himself to another location. The second, and more important purpose is that it is a whip. With the claw giving the end quite a bit of weight, much of his style revolves around momentum and powerful hits from the full length of the whip. One advantage Rovell has is that he can vary the length of the spool, being able to change combat range quickly without losing precious power from resetting his attacks. Added to all this, he has Dust contained within these gauntlets, making every hit bristle with lightning.



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