Title Culicidae
Classification Parasite
Ranking D
Abilities Can attach to Aura users to consume spent Aura.
Strength Speed
Weakness Weak armor. Easily killed once it is detached from a victim, as it no longer has a weapon to fight with.

Grimm Title: Culicidae

Also known as "The Puppeteer", due to its ability.

Threat Ranking: D when unattached to an Aura user.

Once attached to an Aura user, it may be anywhere from E to SSS, depending on the Aura user's ability.

Appearance: A 2.5 foot centipede like creature, it is extremely fast with its arms. Once it has knocked out a human, or managed to catch one by surprise, it injects a paralyzing and numbing chemical into the Victim with two smaller arms.

It then sheds its longer arms, and attaches to the back of the Victim, pumping in a cocktail of chemicals and attaching to the spinal cord. These chemicals cause a conglomerate of effects including strenth increase, extremely increased aggression, a feeling of almost worship for the Grimm attached, and distrust of others. It will influence the Victim to fight, using Aura, which the Culicidae feed off of, doing so by releasing an extreme amount of endorphins anytime they fight with Aura. By connecting to the spinal cord, it speeds up electrical signals from the brain, increasing the speed of reflexes. The adrenaline and testosterone flowing released into the Victim's body increases strength, at the cost of body damage. The Culicidae offsets that by restricting them to 50% of max body strength, rather than the average 30%, and releasing pain killers and rapid healing agents. This helps make sure the Victim is in the best shape, and possibly even kills more people for new Culicidae to feed on. Once the Victim dies, either from fighting or over expenditure of Aura, the Culicidae chews its way into the body, and then lays its eggs inside of the dead body.

Over the next several months, it releases collected Aura into the eggs as a food source. Once the new Culicidae hatch, they will consume the body of their mother, and the remains of the Victim and any other dead collected by the Victim in his fights, before leaving to hide in dark damp areas, where they wait for the next victim.


  • Strength: Speed
  • Weakness: Weak armor. Easily killed once it is detached from a victim, as it no longer has a weapon to fight with.

Additional Notes:

-Considered high value prizes for Medical Personnel, as they are an easy to farm chemical plant when captured, providing many chemicals that help with surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation. They frequently pay anyone who will bring in some, despite the danger they show.

-Because of the way they are born, there are typically 200 to 500 Culicidae in one area. They stay rather close to where they were born, hunting for food and breeding if they get the chance. This makes it very hard to get one by itself, as the rest will attack as soon as they have a chance.

-Occasionally, a particularly strong body will be able to last longer, and will become a permanent fixture in a Culicidae colony by killing humans to feed the rest. This usually happens whenever a Culicidae is not trying to breed, but instead use the body for food. There are usually at least 2 to 5 in a colony.

-While they generally breed using the Aura from Humans and Faunus, they will attack and eat almost anything. On occasion, they have even attached to other Grimm, either using them to kill more food, or using them as food themselves.

-They can attach to anything larger than 4 feet and use them as a host.

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