Best chibi I could make for him :)

Character is created and owned by Cyan Thorn.


Name: Cyan Rai Thorn.

Nickname: Cy  

Age: 17

Height: 6'1"


Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Cyan

Race: Human


IQ: Cy has a semi-high IQ. He took an IQ test at the age of fifteen and it clocked in at a 110.

Quotes: "That was a great job! I had fun fighing with you"


Cyan is, well, basically a nice person. He has a good heart, and tends to try to mediate conflicts and comfort other people. He jokes around a lot, but does know when to be serious. In combat, he's generally merciful, not willing to harm another humanoid to a large extent. He has a decent knowledge of when mercy isn't required, but being as nice as he is, he tends to let it become a bit of a liability.

Cyan is also very adventurous, almost to a dangerous extent. With a slight case of ADHD, he gets impatient and annoyed when doing nothing. So, to that extent, he'll basically just read a book when he has nothing else to do. He makes friends rather easily, and if he does make friends with you, he'll try to be your best friend. Almost to annoying levels, depending on who you are.


His body is a very fit 17 year old. His biceps, triceps, and back are all very defined, seeing how he can easily swing a glaive as long as him. He has a 5 inch scar across his right cheek which really isn't all that noticeable until you closer to him. He has very light blonde hair, but it's not a pale blonde, with deep cyan eyes. You can usally see Cy wearing a pair of blue jeans. Normally, the jeans haveno holes. He pairs it with some type of cyan shirt on. Cyan keeps his hair brushed to the left side with a little cowl to it. 


Cyan was born into a very prestigious and rich military family. At the age of four was introduced into the training regimin of the family: namely the glaive. By the age of thirteen, Cyan was very proficient with the polearm.  A year later, his family began training him in Dust manipulation. Throughout four years of training using Dust manipulation, Cy learned to use more and more Dust, the harder the battle becomes and when it turns out to be almost impossible to use the glaive, he just goes all out with the Dust. Before Cyan left for Beacon his parents bought him a baritone. Cyan has a baritone of his own and was very proficient with it. Cyan currently has no team. Cya resides in a dorm by himself wishing that he could have some teamates and kinda liking the living by himself though.  


The Equipment Cy uses is a Glaive in combat. His Glaive is 6 feet long and It's name is Absalon. The pole is made of brass and the blade is made up of steel. Cyans hilt of the Glaive consists of a place to grasp the blade.  Cyans aura is a bright cyan color that works as all other auras though he does not know how to control it. The hadle is 3 feet long and the blade is another 3 feet long. He also has many viles of Dust. He uses evey element of Dust. Cyan virtually has no armor. He fights in a cyan t-shirt and a pair of track jeans for faster movement and flexibilty. He also has no known semblance and also lacks the knowledge of how to find it 


Okay well now lets get serious here. His Glaive Absalon is again, 6 feet long with 3 feet of blade and 3 feet of handle/hilt. Cyan 

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