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Cyzarine Bluthardt
Cyzarine - Version 4
Age 16

17 (Post BoB)

Title The Dust Technician
Alias Crown Breaker

Royal Pawn (former)

Agent Kaiserin (former)

Nickname Rina
Status Active
Color Black
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 2
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale white
Hair Shamrock green
Eyes Dark blue
Semblance Necropolis Ghost
Height 5'5
Weight 46 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank Aristocrat
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Bluthardt Family


Headless Players (former)

Legazpi Defense Group (former, when it was BOB)

ANGELs (former)

The Nine Dragons of Vale

Team Team PRFC
Partner Raizel Heidrich
Occupation Huntress-in-training

Soldier (former)

Mercenary (former)

Job Types Combat


Personal Status
Relatives Gustave Bluthardt (father)

Maya Perlas (biological mother)

Mona Bluthardt (adoptive mother, auntie)

Casper Bluthardt (older half-brother, cousin)

Aricia Bluthardt (older half-sister, cousin)

Basilia Bluthardt (younger half-sister, cousin)

Brunhilde Engelnacht (second cousin)

Wynston Arkwright (second cousin)

Additional Info
Emblem Cyzarine Bluthardt's Emblem
Likes Dusts, coming up with and perfecting Dust combos, trying to improve weapons with Dusts, relaxation
Dislikes Wasting Dusts, running out of Dusts, anything too sweet, being yelled at, her mother
Special Skills Dust manipulation, swordsmanship, knifeplay, gunmanship, designing weapons
Weaknesses Reliant on Dusts for powerful attacks, masking anxiety by being emotionally numb, lack of social experience

Cyzarine is a promising young weapons designer and a skilled Dust specialist of the Bluthardt family. She's the third child of the matriarch in paper, and primarily known for her extreme brutality towards her foes. The signature she uses in her varied creations is Crown Breaker.

If her true origin is revealed, her real name would Cyzarine Seelehardt.


Cyzarine Bluthardt 1

Almost exact picture of Cyzarine while holding Adlig Teufel

Cyzarine has dark blue eyes that, by default, stare blankly at everything else. Sometimes, these eyes have shadows underneath, which goes unnoticed due to a pair of purple-tinted sunglasses covering them. On the other hand, the eyewear permits her to look at people's eyes, and observe them from head to toe with ease and comfort. She wears a military-grade headphones, puple in color, to mitigate the effects of her still-diminishing hyperacusis.

Cyzarine - New Version


Her shamrock green hair is a little curly, shoulder in length, and seemed to be all over the place. She ties it up in ponytail, sometimes letting it loose whenever she finds it trivial to take care. Majority of her lightly tanned skin is hidden under her baggy-looking clothes (comfy as she claims it), from neck to feet, since the scars from lacerations, burns, and avulsion are too unsightly to look at.

Covering the long, jagged scar and deformed skin on Cyzarine's front neck is a black crocheted scarf highlighted with gold and violet flowery designs. The sleeves of the black short jacket are long and slightly loose, and have purple zipper on the forearms to accommodate her weapon called Grimoire. When not wearing her arm-based weapon, Cyzarine wears a black fingerless glove on her right hand to hide a slit-like puncture scar pierced by a sword. The base of her upper clothing is a sleeveless purple shirt with a hoodie that dangles over the jacket. The shirt is quite long that it reaches her hips, concealing the zipper of her black pajama jeans and its belt that holds vials of Dusts. Her sword weapon, Grand Magus, is located on the right side of her belt with the scabbard hanging in two hooks (reference).

Protecting the lower calf section of the pajama jeans down to the soles of the feet are a pair of combat boots made of layers of carbon nanotubes with composite metal foam on the toe part. The whole sole are made of titanium with metal-graphene nanolayered composite.

Cyzarine either has a sling backpack, a hip belt on her left paired with waist bag connected by one strap, or both to carry additional Dust reserves for her extensive Dust consumption. They're woven with carbon nanotubes for protection in combat.

Cybernetic Replacements

Due to severe injuries, Cyzarine had to replace her jaw, ribs, and sternum with 3-D printed bones made of titanium. She had the sides of the jaw converted into storage to hold a pair of reinforced small Dust vials as emergency reserves. She can pull them out by peeling off the synthetic skin and unlocking the clips keeping them in place. However, this'll weaken her bite if not replaced.

Other Scars

Cyzarine has a long scar with burns on the sides over her chest where her titanium sternum is located, stabbed by a burning knife that had almost reached her heart. Another scar was a thick laceration that crossed vertically over her left collarbone like a shoulder strap, hacked by a heavy blade. Etched on her right shoulder blade are two arrow wounds, one of the few scars on her back along with erratic whipping wounds. Her arms possessed minimal scars, typically accumulated from bullets and blades that had grazed her flesh.

Going down to her abdomen, Cyzarine has a scar on her left waist, appearing as a deep thin line inflicted by a razor-sharp string. There are three stab wounds on the middle, near an avulsion wound in the right waist. The rest were mere incisions and bruises.


Cyzarine's life started when her biological mother had tricked and seduced her younger twin sister's husband. Before her mother was exiled and became non-existent to the Bluthardt family, an aristocrat family, she was extracted first and put in an artificial womb in an underground laboratory in Mistral. Upon birth, Cyzarine became the older fraternal twin sister of Basilia, actually her younger half-sister, and was sent to Benilde City, the hometown of her family in Atlas.

Cyzarine had been confined within the territories of her family for a decade, limiting her socialization to her siblings and cousins, and to the family's subordinates. She was once mentored in violin playing by her distraught grandmother. But seeing that she wasn't good enough to replace her (actual) mother, the grandmother deemed that she might be more useful in assassination. Thus, the beginning of her training regimen to kill at the age of 6.

There was a time she craved approval and acknowledgement from Mona, the mother she knew of. However, this desire was replaced by fear when she was backhanded, hard, out of reflex and hostility. Because her Aura wasn't refined at that time, her jaw broke after hitting a hard wooden table. She received her titanium jaw at the age of 8, and have had been avoiding her mother at all cost since then.

At the same age, Cyzarine was introduced to a young woman named Celestina, one of the most talented Dust casters of the family who had volunteered to become her teacher in Dust casting. She was charmed by Celestina's mastery of Dust manipulation, and became fascinated with the existence of Dust that she'd compared to magic. As Cyzarine continued to study under the young woman's guidance, she slowly formed a very strong bond with Celestina that went beyond a mentor-disciple relationship. The young woman didn't only become her teacher but also her parental figure, protector, and the very first person she called “her friend”. Unbeknownst to Cyzarine, Celestina was the former student and personal subordinate of her exiled biological mother. Celestina was allowed to have contact with her former mistress' child under the condition that she wouldn't utter a word about Cyzarine's mother.

Cyzarine's studies of Dust made all its way to a paramilitary called Black Order Battalion, where some of her fellow family members had gained more combat experience. At the same time, she was inducted into Headless Players, an in-house group for advancing the training of the youths and youngs of the Bluthardt, where Celestina intensified Cyzarine's training in Dust manipulation with people and Grimm used as training dummies. She would later come up of ADSS, a software for streamlining Dust selection and casting combos of Dusts, with the help of engineers from the family-owned company ArmorTech.

Years later, the 15-year old Cyzarine had taken on a certain man-hunting mission that almost killed her at the expense of another life. She was captured and separated from her squad by the target, a notorious madman with high-tier Dust manipulation skills. The madman dragged her to a blood-tinted ice rink full of unrecognizable bodies where he had proceeded to torture her for hours, from laceration to skinning and breaking the bones of her chest. Her half-siblings and mentor were just on time to save her life when the madman had became satisfied with his art, leading him to slit Cyzarine's throat. A bloody and intense battle took place, with the siblings severely wounded and worn out Celestina struggling to kill the madman. To Cyzarine's horror, she witnessed the final moments of her mentor who, in last-ditch effort to end the fight once in for all, had made a suicidal move that ended her own and the madman's life. She and her siblings were soon rescued, and remained in the hospital to heal their wounds. Cyzarine received a titanium sternum and parts of the ribs connected to it due to severe fractures. Additionally, she had to wear a therapy headphones because of hyperacusis caused by scraping ice skates back in the ice rink. Physically healed but left deeply scarred from the lost of her mother figure.

Cyzarine tagged along with her siblings to Vale when they'd gotten assigned to the paramilitary's HQ. She enrolled at Beacon Academy at her siblings' suggestion to take a break from work, and also to keep her mind occupied from the damages that her previous mission have had brought upon her. In attempt to move on, Cyzarine forged Adlig Teufel and Reiluft to replace the weapons that she and Celestina had made together: Grand Magus and Grimoire.

Series of events (rps) took place, and all of them impacted her in both good and bad ways.

The most striking thing in the midst of the chaos was her association with Fen, a heiress, whom she became a bit more acquainted with at the beginning of the fall of the paramilitary's HQ. Cyzarine was held hostage by the enemies in the HQ to prevent the activation of the HQ's self-destruct feature. Along with her was Fen, a complete outsider, who became involved in her complicated situation for unknown reasons. What she didn't know that out of fear that she might not survive this ordeal, Brunhilde, Cyzarine's cousin who pretended to be on the enemy's side, picked someone who “can fight, knows a bit about Cyzarine without being close, and, overall, can be used to increase Cyzarine's survivability”. In short, Fen was supposed to live only long enough as an extra asset to protect Cyzarine's well-being.

After the chaos, the Bluthardt family began taking over the paramilitary. Cyzarine found out that she was used as a bait and distraction by the family while they took down the network of the enemies in every kingdom quietly. Soon, she was used again by becoming a member of a mercenary group to ensure that her family's operations wouldn't be hindered by other territorial mercenaries of this group.


Things became a little complicated for Cyzarine.

After her older brother had taken her place in the ANGELs, the Bluthardt family became part of a large criminal network of alliances called The Nine Dragons of Vale. She didn't like the path her family took, mainly because it was the decision of her mother who seemed not to love her. On the other hand, she felt directionless, not knowing what she really wanted for herself after giving all she have to her family.

That was then she decided to start all over again from the scratch, starting from bringing back her real weapons with the hopes that she could connect the dots from the time she had with her late mentor to her future. Cyzarine then ceased from taking missions that involves killing and assassination, and have had opted for Grimm extermination missions and courier jobs that allows her to travel between kingdoms.


Cyzarine takes on the persona of a very quiet person, trying to keep a low profile as much as she can because of her anxiety to people. She doesn't like talking about herself because she sees nothing notable in herself. Instead, when people talk to her, she tries to get them to talk about themselves, knowing that listening is better than talking, despite her lack of emotional investment. This is because Cyzarine is also a cautious person, very reluctant to accept others until she feels safe and comfortable around them. In situations where she's forced out of her comfort zone, Cyzarine is revealed to be rather an awkward person.

Her facial expression is usually displayed at a minimal level, so when she's very happy, only a genuine smile and an eager voice are there to reveal it. Cyzarine is shown to be very mellow and openly affectionate to the people she is fond of, sharply contrasting her hard-bitten, slightly aggressive attitude reserved to those whom she perceives as threats.

Growing up in an environment where spilling blood is a norm, Cyzarine is naturally untroubled at the sight of gore. Add to this the grim torture she'd been through, she has the tendency to go overboard and leave a bloody mess behind her, at least leaving her enemies breathing within her capabilitirs. Her thought processes goes into "kill or not to kill", and becomes more analytical as the fight or hunt goes on that reveals more of her concealed thirst for battle. Although before a fight starts, Cyzarine has learned not to reach for her weapons and to try talking things out first.


Cyzarine is a budding weapons designer leaning towards intricate and efficient Dust utilization of devices/weapons. She generally makes them using 3D printers given that the preferred framework of the device/weapon is available in the database, and the appropriate materials are also available. Her designs are simple, not impressively crafted nor bleeding edge, since she lacks technical knowledge. Instead, she focuses on integrating Dusts that suits the wielder's skills and, to extent, attempts to bring the said skills to the next level. For complicated devices/weapons, she goes to experts like engineers and blacksmiths.

Additionally, she's capable of driving vehicles, particularly typical cars, motorcycles, and speed boats.


Cyzarine is an acrobatic teenager, possessing above average speed-endurance to traverse various obstacles along her path like a traceur, and maneuver, counter, and strike her opponents. She does better as a counter specialist in Dust-less combat, armed or unarmed, with grabbing and employing joint locks being her favorite moves complimented with basic leg-based fighting style. Her hands move faster and better than her legs when attacking. From time to time, she uses rocks, glass bottles, pens, and spatula, anything that can be used as weapons within her reach as an element of surprise.

She has much more deft when wielding short-length weapons like swords and knives. It broadens her options in countering attacks, and makes her own counter attacks more deadly because she can make a swift barrage of thrusts and slashes after executing defensive moves. Basically, she reveals little of her main combat skill, which is Dust Manipulation, since she uses it in short bursts along with her counter attacks. Even so, Cyzarine is always prepared to employ Dusts to adapt at the moment's notice, particularly when she's ready to step up her game against opponents who cannot be taken down easily. Her combat role changes to that of a battlemage, although still focusing in her countering capabilities than in offense.

Although adept in using firearms, Cyzarine prefers using them as backup weapons. To her, they simply limit her options when using Dusts.

Dust Manipulation

In defense, you can do a lot with Water Dust, especially when you're dealing with high-speed attacks.

Cyzarine ensures to make the most out of the Dusts' capabilities as much as possible, thus her frequent use two Dusts at once. Stemming from years of studying Dusts under the tutelage of her mentor, a talented Dust caster, she gained the ability to formulate Dust techniques and combos, and the knowledge of applying their capabilities in some degree (not fully) with little Physics while taking her time to learn them. This has allowed her to employ both creative and methodological execution of Dust casting in the field, and counter elements with their opposite as much as she can within her capabilities. She wields Gravity Dust and Wind Dust in tandem usually for offense with Water-Ice Dust infusion (cold water) being her favorite in defending and counter attacking due to its low-conductive, flexible, and increased density (water is cooled down by ice) features that contrasts Pure Ice and Earth Dust's rigidity in defense.

Despite her knowledge and skills, Cyzarine isn't by any means skillful enough to use some Dust techniques without the aid of devices and against Dust casters with more control over Dust. Not to mention, her control over the capabilities of Lightning and Fire Dusts is terrible that she'll opt to throw them around chaotically rather than strategically.

Semblance: Necro Ghost

Necro Ghost is a summoning Semblance of Cyzarine that manifests in a form of a black skeleton that oozes purple smoke and is known for its grinding and spinning features of its body. The skeleton is almost clasped to her figure due to its "fasteners", which were actually floating by 2 inches. Oddly enough, the skeleton's sentience are making unintelligible rumbling of its “throat” or chattering teeth when someone talks to it (or when Cyzarine has no one to talk to), and looking at the same thing/direction Cyzarine is looking at. The major disadvantage of the Semblance is that Necro cannot move away from Cyzarine nor walk and run.

Necro have a woven crown of thorns dug deep into its cracked skull, and a medieval gorget covering its neck, back, and chest. Inside its eye sockets are unblinking purple-dotted pupils that glows brightly from time to time. Its bulky skeletal torso is 7 feet tall, with an arm span of 9 ft and large hands with sharp fingertips. Necro features a pair of cylindrical forearms and upper arms fashioned with 3-inch edged spikes. Another are its perfectly lined sharp teeth wherein behind them hides a retractable, cephalopod-like maw with razor-edged fangs that can stretch up to 1-meter radius when the mouth opens. They're suitable for grabbing, shredding, skinning, and crushing whatever gets into the mouth, particularly a chobham armor at most. Lastly, its cervical spine, shoulders, elbows, and part of the spine above the floating ribs are pivots, allowing those parts to spin like wheels and drills.

Its floating ribs "clasps" on Cyzarine's shoulders while the lumbar spine grows ribs that merges together to form a skeletal structure of torso, with gaps covered and skull with crown of thorns engraved on the chest, that envelopes her torso. Necro's supposed legs forms a bony structure shaping and covering Cyzarine's hips that ends right above the knee.

Months later after the Fall of Beacon, Necro's floating ribs have expanded and started to encase Cyzarine's upper arms, in which the shoulders have a skull engraved on them, and neck with skeletal mandible covering hers. In addition, the bony structure on her hips have reached the bottom of her calves.


  • Necro moves according to thoughts, mental commands, or copied actions of Cyzarine (more on arm and head movement since Necro's attached to her).
  • Cyzarine can share half of its sight, or fully see through the skeleton's eye sockets. This is particularly useful for expanding her field of vision like turning Necro's skull 360 degrees. When seeing through Necro, Cyzarine's scleras turn black.
  • Necro itself has raw strength that can carry a 6,100 pound car (a Rolls-Royce Phantom at most), and has a speed and agility better than an average fighter.
  • Necro can be augmented with Dusts by throwing some to its mouth, allowing it to become more lethal in combat. Cyzarine controls the use of Dusts in Necro since the skeleton cannot control Dust itself.
  • Aura consumption is straight from Cyzarine's reserves. Thus, attacks on the skeleton decreases her reserves. On the other hand, prolonged use of Necro causes mental fatigue to Cyzarine, needing at least 15 minutes worth of rest before using the Semblance again.

In tandem with her Dust manipulation skill, Cyzarine can construct simple weapons like a pair of long swords or axes for Necro to use. Overall, Necro Ghost serves as Cyzarine's sidekick who always have her back. Literally.

Her purple-colored Aura has a remarkable amount, which compliments her preference for melee to mid-ranged combat, and constant use of Dust and Semblance.


Grand Magus - Dust Divider and Fusion Xiphos (DDFX)

  • Creator's signature: Crown Breaker & Caelestis Breaker

Grand Magus is a xiphos with a black-colored blade made of S7 Shock Steel. The blade is also modified to concentrate the Dusts on the edges of the blade and the fuller for more efficient consumption of Dusts, and to employ creative combinations of Dusts. Cyzarine can fight with dual swords but chose to use one sword for flexibility when using Grimoire, her other weapon also built for Dust casting.

The xiphos' hilt is black, highlighted in purple, with a round-shaped, mechanical-like guard with langets that has one Dust vial slot on each side. One Dust slot infuses one side of the blade, meaning that the other side can be infused with another type of Dust depending on what Dust was inserted in the other slot. The only part where the two Dusts merge is in the fuller up to the 1-inch triangular tip of the xiphos' blade where Cyzarine usually releases Dust attacks.

Such design was made in order to gain more and accurate control over the two Dusts since fusing them together muddles Cyzarine's individual control of Dust. An excellent example would be the use of Fire-Wind Dust tandem. Cyzarine choose between simply hurling fire balls and sphere of compressed air or wind gusts at opponents for starters. Fuse those two together, the xiphos can unleash a fire vortex or stream of fire that explodes on every impact when waved like a whip.

To switch Dusts, the weapon have to be sheathed and click its langets to the locket of the black scabbard made of titanium alloy. Wrapped right below the locket is a cylindrical metal with two holes aligned to the langets, and six buttons on each side for manual Dust selection. The holes are where the 12-slotted revolving chamber inside the cylindrical metal mechanically slides in and out the Dust vials to the xiphos' langets and guard.

To replace empty Dust vials inside, the cylindrical metal can be slid open.

With ADSS installed on the sheath, Cyzarine can use voice command to prepare what pair of Dusts to load to Grand Magus when she sheathes it again.

Grimoire - Dust Augmented Full-Arm (DAFA)

  • Creator's signature: Crown Breaker & Caelestis Breaker

Grimoire is a pair of devices with components of purple-lined, black armors for arm (demi-gauntlet with black leather and fully-armored index and middle fingers, vambrace, and rerebrace) carrying 10 Dust slots in total. They are made of titanium alloy covered with metal-graphene nanolayered composite, which is 200 times stronger than steel, while the black leather of the demi-gauntlets are constructed from materials for insulation. When Dusts are in use, they're concentrated on the gauntlets' rim, palm, and armored fingers.

Grimoire is made to aid Cyzarine in wielding Dusts in a way that would be hard or time consuming for her when using bare hands. Additionally, the armored fingers used to concentrate the power of Dusts in single point reveals her preference for something “modestly and conveniently lethal”.

  • The vambraces have hydraulic recoil mechanism to mitigate the effects of Cyzarine's hand-based attacks to her arms. A vambrace has 6 compartments for Dusts wherein one pair (in horizontal arrangement) equates to one type of Dust. Water and Ice Dusts occupies the four compartments while the last pair is left empty for strategic purposes. In the middle and inside the vambrace lies a micro tube where the extracted Dusts from the compartments travels towards the demi-gauntlets for infusion. If Cyzarine concentrated slightly on the vambraces, Gravity Dusts installed on the sides will activate.
  • The rerebrace has 4 compartments loaded with a pair Gravity and Wind Dusts. Its mechanisms is similar the vambrace, excluding the Dusts installed on the sides.
  • The demi-gauntlets serves as the primary Dust port where Dusts are concentrated on three areas: the rim, the palm, and armored fingers. They have a slightly thick backhand that contains a micro tube inside, which is connected to the vambrace and rerebrace, that spread the Dusts all over the hand. What is unique in these demi-gauntlets is that they have a setting to infuse other areas with different types of Dust, allowing Cyzarine to employ strategic and lethal combination of Dusts.
  • ADSS is incorporated to support releasing of Dusts, executing strings of combos of Dust casting, and the manipulation of the device's complexity. For manual selection of Dusts, the demi-gauntlet's wired proximal phalanxes has buttons with tip of the middle finger serving as the confirmation button.

Dust Techniques

List down below are some of the few methods on how Cyzarine uses Dust, relying on creativity and deception.

  • Dust Trap - a Dust technique wherein two or more Dusts are combined yet only selected Dust/s are active, concealing the other Dust/s. For example, Water Dust is infused with unused powdered Lightning or Ice Dust, which will be activated by Cyzarine when the opponents come in contact with the Water Dust, catching them off guard. Lightning electrifies while ice simply traps opponents or interferes with mechanisms' operations. Fire and Lightning Dusts aren't best used with this technique when they're active because their natures alone would set off the unused Dusts.
  • Dust Bait - an trick-like Dust technique that involves breaking a Dust attack into small pieces (six at most since smaller and more pieces requires more control and focus) before coming in contact with the opponent's block or attack stance before fully initiating an assault. For Dust-based constructs, a projectile is formed by a stack of shards rather than a typical solid projectile. As for the free-flowing Dust attacks (mostly Wind & Water Dusts given Cyzarine's finer control over them), they're made as it is. This technique is applicable to Dust Trap, which makes the technique even more lethal. Faster opponents and more durable Aura are strong challengers of this Dust technique.
  • Dust Layer - a Dust technique that uses Dust to influence another Dust. Simply put, it's like using Gravity Dust on a heavy sword made of Ice Dust to manipulate its weight, or Wind Dust on Fire Dust to make the flames bigger and spread them in a wide area.

Dust Spells

List below are some of the Dust spells frequently used by Cyzarine. The more types of Dust a technique has, the harder it is to control. Some techniques are feasible when using Grimoire.

  • Blast - a simple Wind Dust technique of creating a pressurized air that can blow away an armored car at most, and propel Cyzarine at certain distances or provide her more mobility. If concentrated in one of Grimoire's armored fingers, this technique could snap a neck upwards (without Aura). After every use, there's a .5-second interval for recharging pressurized air.
  • Hammer - a simple Gravity Dust Spell used for close quarters combat wherein an attack can dent an armor because of increased gravity pull on the melee weapon like Grand Magus. If concentrated in one of Grimoire's armored fingers, it could fracture a bone (without Aura) with a flick of the finger.
  • Projectile - a Gravity and Wind Dust sequence applicable on motionless objects or Dust-based constructs. The gravity pull increases on selected light objects (Gravity Dust) before launching them as projectiles with increased velocity (Wind Dust). In reverse, it decreases gravity pull on heavy objects and pushes them to a specific direction like a battering ram.
  • Turbo - a Gravity-Wind Dust sequence incorporated in a mobile person/object, resulting to increased sprinting speed, jump height, and attack speed and power (for example, sword). Gravity pull on the object increases or decreases depending on the needs of the Dust caster while wind gives the strong push to the selected direction.
  • Drawing Wheel - primarily developed for drawing Fire and Wind Dusts (for as long as they're not projectiles) from raw Dust attacks and then use them to fuel own Dust attacks. It utilizes Wind Dusts that are manipulated carefully to act like a rotating suction machine. Theoretically, 100% of the raw Dust can be extracted, but practical application (combat, performances, etc.) only allows 75% at most.
  • Lightning Loot - an Ice and Water Dust tandem used to defend against lightning attacks. Water Dust serves as the cushion against the impact and conductor of the current. The Ice Dust then serves as the last layer of defense in case that the lightning's impact and current (ice is a poor conductor) was strong. This way, Cyzarine can create an electrified water to be whipped and thrown at the opponents.
  • Heavy Hammer - a combination of Ice and Gravity Dust. Melee weapons, fists, or feet are coated heavily with ice from Ice Dusts for powerful yet slow attacks. But with Gravity Dust applied on the Ice Dust, the ice-coated objects become light enough to be wielded with ease without sacrificing much speed.
  • Cold Air - a calm Wind-Ice Dust fusion that lowers humidity in an area, which can affect the respiratory system of individuals within 20 meters. This technique is more lethal and effective in confined spaces, particularly when concentrated in a gas mask. It also works as an alternative to archaic forms of physical torture for juicing out intel.
  • Shockwave - a melee to mid-ranged defensive use of Gravity-Wind Dust that with practiced swing or jab, the weapon can unleash a strong wind gust and minor gravity control at projectiles or opponents to disrupt both their balance and trajectory. Add with it with projectiles of Ice or Earth Dust attacks from the other side of the blade, things can get dangerous.


  • Double Strike - a combination of Gravity and Wind Dusts employed on Grimoire. The Gravity Dusts are concentrated on the armored fingers for increased attack damage that is followed by an explosion of pressurized air that is concentrated on the demi-gauntlets' rim.
  • Caliber Strike - The combination of Gravity, Earth, and Wind Dusts that is feasible and fast with the use of Grimoire, and has penetration power comparable to an enlarged .50 caliber bullet. The demi-gauntlets' armored fingers and rim are layered with Earth Dust where Gravity Dust is applied for increased attack damage. The palms are infused with Wind Dusts to support the maneuvering of the demi-gauntlets and to serve as thruster. Lastly, the vambraces' Gravity Dusts installed on their sides will decrease their weight. Suitable as a finisher and chain attack for 10 second straight. This takes 5 seconds to form and complete due to the combinations.
  • Exploding Javelin - combination of Earth, Gravity Dust, and Wind-Fire Dust infusion, an AOE attack that leverages on Grmoire's ADSS for rapid Dust casting sequence. Gravity Dust is applied to an Earth Dust projectile to decrease/increase gravity pull followed by Wind-Fire Dust infusion that creates a devastating explosion radius of 5 meters upon impact.


  • Celestina - late mentor, mother figure, and protector. Celestina was a supportive and loving parental figure, and also a very talented Dust caster in the eyes of Cyzarine. They'd shared mutual interest in Dust, and bonded over developing various Dust techniques. After the death of her mentor, Cyzarine has been left inwardly lonely.
  • Gustave Bluthardt - father. Cyzarine have barely any interaction with him.
  • Mona Bluthardt - step mother and aunt. Cyzarine has a very distant relationship with Mona. They usually don't talk in person, relying on mediums like gadgets and people as their means of communication. Cyzarine feels intense fear and resentment towards her that she can't stand in close proximity to Mona after what happened between them years ago. However, Cyzarine still craves for her mother's acknowledgement that she carried from childhood, but denies having such feeling.
  • Casper Bluthardt - half older brother.
  • Aricia Bluthardt - half older sister.
  • Basilia Bluthardt - half younger sister, fraternal twin in paper. Being fraternal twins (in paper), Basilia is her closest sibling. Cyzarine is very affectionate to her and is always seen to be holding hands with her like children when they're together.
  • Brunhilde Engelnacht - second cousin. Cyzarine is usually mentally tired when talking to Brunhilde due to the young woman's habit of toying with people. Still, she's Cyzarine's closest cousin and confidant.



  • Cyzarine is a Russian name meaning "royalty", representing color purple; Blut and Hardt in German means "blood" and "hard, brave, and strong".
  • Grimoire is a book of magic spells.

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