Grimm Registry Form:

Grimm Classification: Kangaroo

Grimm Title: Daeargryn

Threat Ranking: D(baby) B(Teen) S(Adult) SS(Angry Mother)

Appearance: They look like an average kangaroo but with a few differences. They usually have all black fur but there are a few white ones. They have Grimm markings all over their body and each one has their own pattern. The babies are usually about 3ft tall and 100lbs. The Teens are 6ft 200lbs and the Adults 12ft tall and 400lbs. Their eyes are a bright yellow. Their mask sovers their whole face.

Ability: All of them have the ability to cause seismic waves. They do this by pounding their legs on the ground and causing an earthquake.

  • Strength: Jump very high and very far. They have incredible speed and hearing.
  • Weakness: They don’t have the best defense and if you can tangle their legs they are easy to take down.

Additional Notes: You don’t want to fight a group of Daeargryn and you also don’t want to fight an angry mother. The older Daeargryn have better abilities than young ones. The furthest know distance covered in one jump in a half a mile.

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