Name: Daiki Ryuu.

Nickname: Earth dragon.

Age: 17.

Gender: Male.

Height: 5'9

Hair colour: Jet black.

Eye colour: Dark blue.

Species: Human.


He wears traditional green samurai armour for quick and flexible movements in battles. His hair is really messy due to his carefree nature.  He has very long sideburns because when he was young he shave to early.


He is very carefree and often cracks jokes, even when it is completely inappropriate. He has a very caring heart and when he battles he likes to go all out and be as reckless as humanly possible. His reckless nature makes him prone to injury.

He has no skill whatsoever when it comes to RC vehicles and often accidentally destroys them.

Weapons and abilities

He uses dual drill claw arms called Dragons fire. These large drills  attach to the arms of the wearer and can allow the user to drill through walls and the ground. Doing long tunnels underground can be dangerous as the tunnel may collapse on top of you, so it is ony used for very small tunnels.

They can be turned into long powerful claws for close combat and have two small dust cannons on each arm. Due to its weight the wearer has to have good stamina and fast movement. Ryuu has both of those qualities.


Daiki was the son of a poor family. He often had to take care of his parents whenever his uncle was away and tried to use humour to help keep their spirits up. He took a job as a delivery boy at his uncles restaurant to help his parents pay the bills. His uncle would only pay half for their bills.

After a few years, Daiki got into a fight with a small street gang and won against the five members. His uncle saw the fight and saw Daikis potential. This then gave him the idea to send Daiki to combat schools to become a hunter. Daiki agreed, but only on the condition that his uncle took care of his parents while he was studying. During his studies he made his weapon, Dragons fire.

He graduated from combat school as a promising student and was enrolled into Beacon. He later became part of team DUDE.

Notes and trivia

* Daiki is loosely based on Ryuu Gentoku from the three kingdoms era.

* His first name means 'great tree' and his last name means 'dragon'.

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