Stealing is the key to survival in order to take back what you lost.
— Damara
Damara Polzin
Damara Commission
Age 17
Alias Damara
Nickname 'Mara
Status Active
Color Damask
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Fox
Born October 25
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Dull Rose Pink
Eyes Dull Rose Pink
Height 5'3"
Weight 94 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Illegal Merchant/Dealer (Past)

Team Team DUSK
Partner Kristopher Sanchez
Occupation Student

Dust Smuggler

Personal Status
Relatives Talamus Hayden (cousin)

-Name Witheld- (Real Mother) -Name Witheld- (Real Father) -Name Witheld- (Little Brother)

Additional Info
Likes -DUST




Dislikes -Police

-Getting cheated out of her profit


Special Skills -Stealth

-Sharp Shooter


Weaknesses -Short Tempered

-Close Combat


This Original Character was made by AgentRhodeIsland Do not use her character or her ideas without her permission!
Feel free to comment in the comment section. I would love to hear what you think.

Damara Polzin is an original character that is based on the RWBY-verse and was created by Agent Rhode Island. She is a member and leader of Team DUSK and is the color Damask.


Damara's appearances are as follows:

Appearance #1 (Smuggling Days): Back during her days of illegal DUST trading, She would wear a black scarf, instead of her gray one in the picture, and she would wear a black jacket. Her entire attire was that color until she had to change her attire when the police were on her trail.

Appearance #2 (Combat Outfit/Main Outfit): Her second outfit (in the picture), consisted of a pink shirt, gray scarf, gray jacket, and gray sash. She also wore combat shorts, goggles upon her head, along with boots and long kneesocks. 

Apperance #3 (Pajamas): Damara's Pajamas consist of a cotton gray tank top, along with a long buttoned night shirt that she leaves unbuttoned that has a breast pocket with her symbol on it on the left side. She also wears cotton pajama pants that have a dark gray and dull rose pink jagged pattern as well as soft dull rose pink house slippers.

Appearance #4 (Codename: Mastermind): This particular outfit is one that Damara uses when her team is out in town, either on business or not wanting to attract attention. The ensemble consists of Gray Khaki pants, dull rose pink sneakers, a gray vest, as well as a dull rose pink tank top. On top of that, to cover her ears, Damara wears a gray newspaper boy cap as well as a pair of sunglasses.

Appearance #5 (Vytal Ball): 

Appearance #6 (Discreet/Suvival {Post BoB}): 


Damara's personality is told to be discreet and quiet due to her days as a smuggler, DUST dealer, and trader. However, those who know Damara know her to be short tempered, and sometimes a bit too eerily silent when in a bad mood. She also is known to have trust issues, which makes it hard for her to break out of her shell in some situations. However, as she is close to her partner in crime Kristopher Sanchez, he is able to see the wounded and vulnerable side of her as well as the outgoing side of here, which, in 90% of cases, is rare to see.


Damara's actual family never wanted her. In her parent's eyes, she was nothing but a mistake and a reject. Word got out to her parent's families, and even they denied her. The Hayden fortune was meant for an heir, and when Damara's father's parents heard about an heiress, they immediately made the decision to give Damara away. Or in this case, abandon her. The Hayden family, disapproving and disappointed with the thought of even having a girl inherit such wealth, exiled Damara (while she was still an infant at the time) and left her in the streets in the bundle of blankets she was wrapped in.

Of course, not too long after Damara was abandoned, she was found by two illegal merchants who would shape her newly lit path. Roxi Sanchez and Jaguar Crinamorte, having found the defenseless little Damara, took her in. The merchants were also the ones that gave her the name: Damara Polzin.

As Damara grew older, Jaguar and Roxi began teaching her the ways of DUST smuggling and trading. Damara was also taught how to fight by the time she reached 14 years of age, which became handy for her when it came to taking care of any snitches and clients that didn't want to pay the full price for her services. Roxi and Jaguar also taught her how to forge her own unique weapon in order to match her own needs.

When Damara reached 16 years of age, she nearly put her life into jeopardy. A client that ran a nearby club tried to cheat her out of her services, and when Damara tried to deal with the situation, the client called upon his guards to take care of her. Being unable to avoid the situation of being outnumbered, Damara faced the group of thugs in combat and was soon nearly beaten to her death when she was swarmed from all sides. Jaguar and Roxi found her nearly lifeless after hearing from one of their friends about the hell that broke loose, rushing Damara to the hospital the same night, and she was out several weeks later. At that time, Damara vowed to never let that happen again and to get revenge on the client that got away. Also at that time of her new resolve, she went back to heavy training in order to improve her skill and aim with her main weapon: Eros' Salvation.

Surprisingly she would get her chance several months later after that accident. Having run into the client while he was heading out of his night club, Damara ambushed him and his group of thugs, this time being able to have an upper hand after training for so long. After the group was in their pile of wounded unconsciousness, she ended up encountering Lizaveta and Marcela Myers, who saw the whole brawl that occurred while on their way out of the club. They commended Damara, while also saying that they would need her services in the future.

By the time that Damara turned 17, The Marcela sisters came to ask for her services. This ended up teaming her up with Umbria Stiletto, Silvia Stone, and Kristopher Sanchez. However, the group had to scatter after the mission was found to be a ploy and a trap that Lizaveta and Marcela had set up. Lizaveta and Marcela knew about Damara's history of DUST smuggling, which soon landed Damara in getting arrested during her team's disbandment. However, Damara soon broke out of jail with the help of several of her smuggling buddies and went into hiding after her escape, all the while returning to her ways of illegal marketing, but only at a minimum to keep her nose clean until the police take her off of their "Most Wanted" list. By the time a year passed, Damara decided to sign up for Beacon Academy, only to put an even better use to the skills she learned from Jaguar and Roxi.

IMG 1317

Eros' Salvation in pistol form.


Damara had to learn on her own while also getting training from several of her smuggling buddies. She is slightly effective with hand to hand combat, but is still a novice. When it comes to long distance combat though, she is an expert within the area. She also learned how to forge her own weapons, and created Eros' Salvation, which is a dual nozzled gun that is okay in close combat, but is better for long distance when it transforms into a DUST sniper rifle.


Semblance Name: 

Damara's aura is known to be a dull rose pink color. As for her semblance, given that she specializes in long distance combat, Damara is able to camouflage herself in order to blend with her surroundings. The downside of her semblance however, is based on movement, and if she moves too much and too hastily, she can easily lose concentration on keeping herself blended and make herself vulnerable to being attacked.


  • Damara (in greek), means "Gentle". However, her first name doesn't define her personality or who she really is. Her last name however being Polzin (which is in Russian), means "someone who deals in transactions for profit", which, defines more of who she is as a person.
  • Damara and her partner Kristopher Sanchez grew up together due to Kristopher being Roxi Sanchez's son.
  • Damara Polzin is known to be alluded to the story "The Fox and the Wolf" as the fox.


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