Danilus "Dani" Morse
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Species Faunus
Born July 7
Handedness Right
Hair Short brown
Eyes Grey
Height 5'9"
Professional Status
Occupation Mafia


Dani is one of the Nine Dragon Heads, and is considered the 4th strongest of the Dragons.


Danilus is very focused on his appearance. He always dresses in clean, ironed suits and keeps his cane polished at all times. He wears a black top hat with a red band offset atop his head.

He has short brown hair and grey eyes. His easily most striking feature are his long tusks which protrude from his mouth.  


Danilus is by far the most reserved and polite of the Dragons, taking care to mind his manners at all points in time. He tends to avoid what he sees as dirtying his hands, allowing underlings to do all of his dirty work.  He has a squadron of hand-picked subordinates to clean his outfit and polish his cane, often having them do so while he's using them.


Weapons and Abilities


  • His last name, Morse, is an old english name for 'Walrus'.
  • Like all of the nine dragons, Dani was based in part off of a RWBY wiki community member.

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