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If you're one step ahead, I’ll be four miles ahead!
— Dao Tu
Dao Tu
Age 17
Title The Runner
Alias Snake Fighter
Nickname The Joker
Status Active
Color Black
Gender Male
Race Asian
Species Human
Born January 8th
Handedness Ambidexterity
Complexion Tan
Hair Raven Black
Eyes Jade Green
Height 6'1"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives The Tu Clan
Additional Info
Emblem Daoemblem
Likes Rock, Bread, Reptiles & History
Dislikes Regular Rap, The Cold, Challenges and Poetry
Special Skills Aura Use
Weaknesses Low Pain Tolerance & Vulnerability to damage
Character Theme

Dao's Theme


Dao is often remarked as the class clown and the last guy to take people seriously. Despite coming from a spiritual clan, Dao is much the opposite of the clan and can even be seen as a trickster or a rebel. In most cases, Dao doesn’t come off as the guy who can win a fight, but in all reality, he’s one person that could be of great aid.
Regardless of his playful nature, Dao is actually a guy who hates to lose and even more to be stressed as he can become two faced. Despite being a tad weak in his natural pain resistance, he won’t go down without fight and may even push himself. Dao can often seen protecting those he cares about even with his own body if needed. Dao becomes rather serious when pushed to the edge and will pull out the stops to take on his opponent.



Dao wears a shredded Jade Green Gi that is reveals much of his torso muscles and holds his family’s crest upon his back of a black tortoise shell. The male also sports a pair of large onyx black wristbands that from first glance do not seem like much, but actually are weights that holds back Dao’s true speed. The male wears a gold sash around his skinny black jeans that have green viper scales along the sides. He also appears to wears emerald green sneakers with black trimming. Though he also seems to have the same type of weights upon his ankles that holds his jeans against his ankles.


At first glance Dao’s face is layered in a skin of dark skin followed by sharp jade green eyes and long Raven Black hair that is held in a long rat tail with the end resembling a scorpion’s tail. His body is a light muscle tone with barely any fat which allows for his flexibility and agility easily navigating terrain. The male also has some notable scars across his body, but on both arms are tattooed sets of swords held together by cobras.

Weapons & Abilities

Xana Wu

Wu is a pair of a black hook blades that are can be used in various ways. The hilts themselves have a pair of hand guards that resemble that of a tortoise shell. The weapon itself is a stainless-steel blade with the hilts being resembling to a snake’s skin. Xana WU seems to be able to be placed together to form one weapon, but the blades rotate clockwise as the guards began to split in half and connect and the hilts extend to make it able to be dual-wielded.In this state the weapon can also have the blades detach on chains that can extend and spun around in either form. When dueled wielded, the male can dance and use the swords to make up for his weapons range or to grapple on to branches as the hooks are rigged and very sharp similar to a scythe head. The hilts also seemed to to have daggers that can also be used to attach the hilt vertically and stretch the weapon to create a dual-edged weapon.

Combat Style

Dao’s style is one who relies on quick strikes and keeping a distance from his opponent. The male will often charge in, deal a couple blows and move out of the way. Dao at times, will even rely on the chain variant of his weapon to keep his opponents at bay and using his aura, he will even use it to make his moves stronger or even change up his attacks. Though he can fight without his weapons as he is very well versed in forms of using his body combined with his aura.
  • Tortoise Guard - By crossing Xana Wu's blades and running his aura through it, he can manifest a large tortoise shell to block in coming attacks.
  • Tortoise Tornado - When the hilts are connected by their butts, the blades will spit out and by spinning them ahead, he can create a spinning blade attack. This move also uses his aura that create a shell around that smashes enmies and can be used, while moving.
  • Viper Strike - When using the blades, he can extend them and stab the enemy with the hooks, but when extended it will dig in more if he brings them down. He can even retract them at a high speed if not planted in all the way.
  • Boa Crusher - If Viper Strike is planted, he can get in and move around the opponent while running his aura in and strengthen the chains. When around, he will retract the chains, which will begin to crush his opponent and break them similar to a Boa wrapped around it's prey.
  • Falling Skies - Dao in this move will throw his swords up as they spin with his aura implanted in them and when an enemy strikes, he will use Tortoise Guard to block the attack, but the spinning swords will come down a bit forwards and will cut the enemy in the back. When affected, he will drop the shield and jump over them and grab the swords by the hilts and drag the blades down.
  • Boa Cyclone - This is a move that uses the same move-set as Falling skines, but instead, he will activate the chains and drop down with chains and begin to move the chains around, before having them criss-cross with his aura. This move will come with him stabbing the hilts into the ground and will retract the chains slowly crushing the enmy in multiple ways as they are brought to the ground.
  • Cobra Impaler - When combining the blades and using the chains, the blades will hit closely, but will create a much deeper and thicker wound.
  • Cobra Dance - When using the Cobra Impaler, the male can get around and wrap around the opponent, but due to the blades being together, when recalled, they will cut through the body where the chains had been laced through and easily cut up the opponent.


Dao’s aura is a black that often will in case his body and seems to be a more defensive aura, though Dao has managed to weaponize it through his training beneath his masters. Dao’s aura is large, though it does seem to have potential that he hides away from others as he saves them for later use. It also seems that his aura influences his eyes who become brighter with his pupils becoming that of a snake’s fang. When it’s shown, his aura is a midnight black that resembles a heavy smoke.
  • Eyes: His eyes become brighter and his pupils resemble a snake's fang
  • His tattoos also glow a heavy jade green, though it is unknown if his aura actually is connected to them.
  • His moves with sole aura are unknown to those outside his previous masters, but Huo does note that his greatest weapon.
  • It may be that his family makes it a secret to resist use of sole aura use as it seems to be linked to their family's teachings and arts.


Dao’s strength comes from his agility and quick strikes with his blades. Through the efforts of his training, his balance and skill to perceive incoming attacks allow him to dispose of enemies rather quickly. Dao’s greatest strength lies in his use of aura. His training has allowed him to be able to manipulate his aura and even combine it with his weapons to allow him to create various attacks.


Dao’s a glass cannon so to speak, as his ability to dish out pain is not as prevalent in the opposite order. His body is strong, but his tolerance to pain and damage is low. In the latter case, stopping his weapon in chain mode may even disarm him to an extent and make him engage in combat which if against someone of greatest strength or long range can prove to be problematic.


Dao comes from a line of warriors who are calm and relaxed, they do not perceive Grimm as a threat, but as the darkness that is the shadow of man. These men train hard: expose themselves to nature, practice one on one confrontations with one another, endure long battles and even battle with aura alone Grimm. Though this is not said that they are not educated. Many of these people are proud of their heritage and even more pride themselves in versing in the information left behind by generations that have come and go. Dao is one of the newest members of his generation and comes off a bit odd as he doesn’t take things as seriously, though he is rather skilled and seems to be able to surpass those of his age group. Taking this, his grandfather Huo requested the aid of Professor Ozpin to help Dao refine his skills and his personality to take things more seriously.



  • Dao Tu may refer to 'Blade Torture' in Chinese
  • Dao’s family crest of a Black Tortoise is nowhere found on his weapons.
  • Dao’s favorite music is noted to be various rock music.
  • Dao's often seen eating a slice or roll of bread.


  • Xana Wu is Chinese mythology refers to the Northern Gate Guardian, the black Tortoise
    • In Xana Wu’s tale, it is often shown that there is a form of a snake involved
  • His birthday in western belief would align with Bao Zheng’s birthday
  • His personality resembles that of the Monkey King from Chinese Lore and the Aladdin from Disney.
  • His Gi was inspired by Ryu of Street Fighter
  • His weights are most notably based off of Rock lee from Naruto
  • His sword combat style had been inspired by Yamamoto of KHR and Zoro of One Piece
    • This is shown in his various techniques 

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