Darrel Conway
Darrel Conway
Age 17
Nickname Darry
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Human
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 1.70m


Weapons and Abilities


Darrel's weapon, the Iridescent Basilisk (blueprints)

Darrel's weapon is the Iridescent Basilisks, a pair of wrist-mounted crossbows that can channel Dust energy into arrows. The crossbow can also turn into wrist mounted swords, much like the ones the AK-130 defensive mechanoids wield. As a third form, the weapon also functions as a pair of gripper claws, or pincers. The pincers are strong enough to crush small rocks, bend metal, and can break a bone in a Creature of Grimm.

Darrel possesses the semblance of Adaptation. What this means is that whenever he touches a Hunter or a Creature of Grimm, he can copy their ability, and utilize it for his own purposes. However, while this seems like a powerful ability, Darrel can only use each ability once, and then he is incapable of performing the act again. Additionally, he can only copy one ability at a time. As an added limiter, Darrel can only perform actions that the human body will logically perform, as in, he can use an Ursa's incredible strength, but he cannot fire feathers as flechettes as a Nevermore can.

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