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Death Bringer



Emerald Forest


Claws, Stinger, Bites, Energy Spikes (ranged attack)


Black exoskeleton with metalic inner body and a glowing stinger

Grimm Register: Bryan Hyacintho.


A new species of Death Stalker. Seems to posses some of the ordinary Death Stalker's attributes. The only additional feature it has is the ability to emit energy spikes, that work as mortars, from its claws.


Rank: B

Classification: Scorpion


Usually, it has the same features as an ordinary Death Stalker. However, for reasons unknown, Death Stalkers seem to be quite fond of this new species, as a lot of Death Stalkers are seen following Death Bringers. It can be said that these new types of Death Stalkers could be a leader of a nest/herd of Death Stalkers.


Although powerful, these gigantic scorpions are easily angered if one of their Death Stalker offspring is killed. When angered, they will go berserk instead of thinking of a plan, as they usually do. Though it's armor is very hard, it will get soft if it's stinger is separated from it's tail. Also,dust possessing the ice or fire element can stop it.

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