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Death Flash and Hypervelocity
Death Flash
Red Menace

Ignis Ho


Melee, Ranged

Weapon Derivation

Pistol, Boots

Death Flash and Hypervelocity are Ignis Ho's signature weapons, which are very similar to Perry Tuono's Pressure Wave and Terminal Velocity.


Death Flash is a selective fire pistol, meaning that it possesses different modes of fire, which can be toggled by flipping the selector switch to the intended firing method. In its standard mode, Death Flash semi-automatically fires weak electromagnetic bolts at a very high rate of fire. These bolts actual do not inflict direct pain to their targets, but instead, increase their targets' sensitivity to pain upon impact. Ignis' opponents typically do not realize their increased pain sensitivity until it is too late.

In its secondary fire mode, Death Flash releases a just-over-one-meter-radius electromagnetic burst around Ignis' body. This burst stuns and pushes opponents away. Oftentimes, Ignis will make use of his speed to barrage an opponent with many energy bursts, either completely forcing him/her to purely defending him/herself or outright incapacitating him/her with the amount of electricity surging through his/her body.

Both functions of Death Flash make use of lightning dust, and the weapon, therefore, must be reloaded after prolonged use.

Hypervelocity consists of a pair of armored boots that possess a total of four integrated thrusters, two on each boot, with one thruster on the left and right sides of each boot. These thrusters propel Ignis further into the air in the form of bursts, enabling him to perform "midair jumps." Only two bursts in quick succession, however, can be used every few seconds. As Ignis possesses no handheld melee weapon, Hypervelocity acts as leg versions of metallic gauntlets. The boots have paw designs carved on them, reinforcing Ignis' relation to foxes and his status as a Faunus.

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