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Don't expect them to be the archetypal reflection of a long line of descendants...let them run away from it, they don't want it; wake them up when it becomes interesting instead.

Hey, what did the teacher say?
— Della in classes with Bruno

Della Azure
Age 18
Status Active
Color Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Caucasian
Hair Harvest gold
Eyes Bluish gray
Semblance Good dodging and jumping skills
Height 166 cm
Weight 64 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team BRGD
Partner Bruno Erraunt
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives - Mr. Azure (father)
- Vesta Azure (mother)
- Unnamed sister
Additional Info
Emblem Dellaicon50
Likes Sweets
Dislikes Boredom
Special Skills - Gunsmith
- Skilled at ranged combat
- Good at dodging and jumping
Weaknesses - Weak aura
- Lacks defense
- Somewhat weak at melee


Della is a girl with wavy, waist-length light brown hair, with 2 little braids that are tied together in the back of her head. She has pink-ish skin and bluish gray eyes. She's of average weight, with her muscles not being really visible due to her diet and lifestyle. She has a B-cup and her body leans to the pear shape, having wide hips.
Her outfit consists of a short light blue/light beige dress with long, puffy sleeves and white ruffles in her skirt. Her buttoned sleeves and collar are white too and have azure trimming. Her dress has a big black bow in its back and a little one in its collar, a little white apron with her emblem printed, and an ivory hip pouch. Over her dress she wears a periwinkle shoulder pad/corset combo with gold details. She also wears black/ivory boots with white ruffles and white/azure socks, and a black bow that holds her little braids. Also, she wears 2 little black rings and 1 black pearl in her left ear, and a long earring with a white dice in her right one.


Della's carefree, relaxed and somewhat resembles a flaneur, liking to explore places and getting lost. She's the kind of person who's an extrovert and that likes to enjoy the life and meet new people. She's loud and a head-in-the-clouds person, pretty much like her friend and partner Bruno, and tries to be nice with everybody, but is sassy and condescending with those she disagrees with, and isn't afraid of giving her opinion. However, she's empathetic with people.
While she has a natural talent for hunting and is creative to come up with ideas and mechanisms for weapons, she's lazy so her potential isn't completely shown or worked. Besides being lazy, she has a big appetite and loves sweet foods (with cakes and pastries being her favorite ones), and is kinda immature for her age. Even if she's risky (specially at fighting), she doesn't like to take responsabilities or being the leading one at something, and prefers to be more of a supporter instead.
Della's attention span isn't the longest (unless she's listening to somebody who's talking about stuff she considers interesting), frequently getting distracted on classes, and tends to daydream. She's also fond of weird, surreal stuff, and some people see her as an eccentric.
Della can seem to be dumb or absentminded but she's actually astute and knows how to take advantage in situations, so those who know her well trust her. She's a stubborn person, likes to tease people and drive mad those ones that she doesn't like, and while she's more femenine-looking (mostly due to her mother's pressure) her behavior is actually leaning to the tomboyish side.


Della comes from a very old family of Hunters that's well-known for making efficient, good quality weapons: the Azure family.
Those who belong to this family happily accept to keep with the family tradition and become good Hunters and gunsmiths; however, unlike her relatives, Della doesn't really care about becoming a Huntress; she just follows this path due to family pressure, and because she doesn't really know what to do with her life (also because she's actually talented at these things even if she's lazy); if she could, she wouldn't do anything.
Unlike her teammates, it could be said that Della's story is just starting, since soon or later she'll have to grow up and become an adult, and take important decisions.
Della's parents taught her about weapons and fighting as much as they could; Della, being stubborn and lazy, didn't learn all the things they told her and was more of a self-taughting person...when she felt like doing it. Her behavior made, and makes her have several discussions with her mother, Vesta, who is a woman with a strong personality that wants to keep on with the familiar tradition as much as possible.
However, even if this happens, it seems her family trusts her even if her behavior is like that, due to her talent and skill, and because she actually has a sense of responsability hidden in her.
Della got offered to enter in Beacon because of her family's story and talent at weapon-making and fighting.



Strolling Jokalope

She has a Portable Explosive Crossbow Hook (PECH) called Strolling Jokalope.

It's an automatic crossbow that uses explosive ammunition. She can use her weapon as a hook too, and can shoot proyectiles when hooked to something or in mid-air.
Della can load up to 12 proyectiles in Strolling Jokalope, and can mix them up according to her needs. Most of her ammunition use steam, thunder, fire, and/or ice Dust.
Its name comes from Joker and Jackalope, and Strolling refers to Della's behavior.
Strolling Jokalope also has a axe and a halberd mode in which the shooting option is unavailable. These forms are used by Della only in special cases when she needs to use a melee weapon, since she's rather specialized in ranged combat.



Della's stats (chart by Jo)

Even if she's a lazy person when she's not fighting, in battle she likes to run risks and is highly proficent and precise in ranged attacks, which can be very powerful and devastating if she uses her strongest ammunition and/or if hooks her weapon in the enemy, but she can only defend herself with her Aura and her weapon's melee modes, and has risk of getting considerably defenseless if she runs out of ammunition..
Her Aura's color is cerulean and is the weakest of the team, and she tries to use it mainly for defense.
Della's Semblance is called Wonderland's Reflex, and is basically good dodging and jumping skills, like those of a rabbit. Della is able to jump really high, with being 5 m the maximum height. This Semblance compensates her poor defense, and is also used to become a distractor so the rest of her team can attack their target. When she uses her Semblance, her body leaves a light blue-colored sparkling trail.
Also, she's the gunsmith of the team, being knowledgeable about Dust chemistry and weapon mechanics.


  • Her family: Della loves them, but doesn't always take what they say seriously, and if she doesn't do that, she justs does what they tell her to do (such as becoming a Huntress, since she isn't good at deciding by herself and taking responsabilities).
  • Bruno Erraunt: He is Della's partner, and one of her best friends. Della met him at their first day in Beacon, and started a good friendship since that day. She's his sidekick and partner in crime. In battle they coordinate pretty well, taking advantage of their strengths such as speed and attack. He also tries to teach her to do CQC so she gets better at melee.
  • Ryan Chartreuse: Della has an OK relationship with him. Della thinks he's a clever and nice guy and Ryan tries his best to give her advice or push her to stop being lazy, but it doesn't always work. Since Ryan isn't a conflictive person, he ends up giving up.
  • Grizel Svane: Della has an OK relationship with her. They don't talk too much to each other but Della's relaxed behavior goes well with the anxious Grizel. They are acquaintances since long time ago, since they attended the same school before getting into Beacon. Della is empathic with her and respects her most of times, even if Grizel fights with Bruno.


  • She's inspired by Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
    • Her love for food alludes to Alice's "eat me" and "drink me" situation.
    • Della borrows some elements from the White Rabbit as well, such as part of her weapon's name, her emblem and her Semblance.
  • "Della" is a derivative from "Alice" and "Azure" is a shade of blue.
    • Her name meaning and color scheme form together the color name "Alice blue".
  • She's an ESFP.
  • Her favorite animals are rabbits, and has a pet rabbit called Albus.
  • She has claustrophobia.

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