I don't need dust, I have Midnight Fury and that's it.
— Demetri Naylor Anacona
Demetri Naylor Anacona
DNA Profile
Age 17
Nickname Demetri
Status Active
Color Dark Green
Gender Male
Race Italian
Species Human
Born October 2
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'10"
Weight 197 lbs.
Professional Status
Social Rank Being social is a waste of time.
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team RDLS
Partner Robin Arashi Vitian
Occupation Student
Job Types Weapon Repair
Personal Status
Relatives Heather and Pablo Anacona (Parents)

Cynthia Anacona (Sister)

Additional Info
Emblem DNA Emblem
Likes Music, Training, and Fighting
Dislikes Spiders, Isolation, and Darkness
Special Skills Great durability, Strength, and Sight
Weaknesses Speed, procrastination, little sleep, and anger issues


Demetri wears a long black trench coat with his symbol on the back. Along with that he wears his long black jeans which he keeps tools for repairing Midnight Fury. He wears a single black glove on his right hand to help maintain his grip on his weapon. He also has a single pair of black boots which he always wears and a dark green bandana which he'll wear from time-to-time which also contains his symbol on it. When he dresses formal (which he hates), He'll only wear a dark red shirt with his black vest while keeping the jeans and boots. He also will tend to rip off the sleeves of long sleeve shirts claiming he hates having sleeves covering his whole arms.


Demetri doesn't like to talk much and tends to be mostly serious around anyone, unless it's Robin. He spends most of his time training or by himself listening to music. When it comes to family, he finds his parents and sister annoying because they look down on him for not liking the use of dust in his weapon. He likes to take the "Get it done and over with" approach in his missions and dislikes wasting time.



Demetri grew up in a proper and classy family which he hated a lot. When he was little he was taught by his dad how to make weapons and repair them. Also, he would read a lot in his spare time on things like fighting tactics and other general knowledge from basic to complex topics. His whole family would refer to him as the "Black Sheep" of the family because of his zero desire to use his father's weapon which was passed down claiming that it's a waist of time to use it. He found his younger sister annoying along with his parents. His father and mother, Pablo and Heather, would always dress him up formally which made Demetri mad. When he got older he got accepted to Beacon Academy because of his family's company. Before he left to Beacon he had built Midnight Fury from scratch and refused to use his father's weapon which was to be passed down. While he was at Beacon, Demetri would just stay silent and if he ever recieved anything from his family, he'd either rip it up or burn it without looking at it. He now just wants to only talk to his partners and friends and refuses to associate himself with any member of his family.


Midnight Fury:

  • Is a combination of a hammer and an axe and is the same height as Demetri but weighs much more
  • The handle contains a small trigger on it which activates a small rocket which is propelled by dust adding more force

James and Josiah:

  • Two tonfas with sharpened tips
  • While their is the sharpened tip on them, the other sides serves as the barrel to the pistol part


  • Midnight Fury's rockets are a reference to that of those on King Dedede's hammer from Kirby

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