Age 17
Title Student
Nickname "Desperate-mond"
Status Member of Team LGND
Color Grey
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Homo Sapiens
Handedness Left
Hair Messy, Black
Eyes Grey
Height 5'9"
Weight 187.9 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Desmond is a member of team LGND


Desmond grew up in the eastern kingdom. His parents divorced when he was little and his father had a new woman every week. His father was abusive and Manipulative, which eventually climaxed in his father attempting to Sexually and physically assault him in a drunken Rage. After this incident, Desmond ran away. After several years of living off the grid, he finally Started School at Signal, and was in Niel 's class.


Desmond suffers from crippling psychological problems stemming from his abuse as a child. He often has nightmares about his childhood, and in infrequent cases, hallucinates his father. This suggests he suffers a for of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder . He also suffers from depression , causing him to feel worthless.

He attempts to cover these up by putting on a facade. this facade exhumes a "Bad-boy" personality; Arrogant, flirty, Laid back, and outright Rude in some cases.

Weapons and Abilities

Slice and Dice- Twin Sickles that can attach and be thrown like a Glaive.

Desmond Exhibits immense Speed, chaining hit combos in massive numbers. He's not the quickest thinker, however, and will often make a mistake in his strategies.

His PTSD can sometimes cause him to hallucinate in battle, and this can be dangerous, as he will either cower in fear or attempt to attack his hallucinations, which could very well be a teammate in reality.

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