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Concept Dia (By: The Lady)

Diamond (Dia) Wonder is a strange student, sent to beacon two years ahead, at age 14, because of her intellect. Dia is a problem student who enjoys pranking and "trolling". She is a young programmer who uses her intelligence for "evil". The reason Dia was placed in the omega-team, JAYD, was because of her tendencies to cause trouble and ditch class.

She alludes to "The White Queen" from Alice in Wonderland she also the next to last to join J.A.Y.D


Character: The white queen

Job: Medic and Offence, She always hurts herself and do to knowing how to treat wounds she is the best medic of the party. She is also the offensive player of the group who goes upfront and gets the attacker's attention while Yaro plays more of a Defensive attacker. Due to this it gets her highly wounded.|210px|]]

Name Diamond Wonder
Alias Dia (Everyone)

Kitten (Chess) My Queen (Chess)

Symbol Spiral Diamond
Color Silver

Gender Female
Race Human
Age 14
Date of Birth May 4th
Hair Color silver
Eye Color green (Seafoam)
Handedness Right
Complexion Cofee
Outfit Steam Punk
Accessories N/A
Weapon Ring Blade
Semblance Running Late

Professional Status
Affiliation Underland, ACE
Occupation Medic/ Hacker/ Student
Team J.A.Y.D
Partner(s) Jade, Aster, and Yaro

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Heart Wonder (brother)
Hobbies Pranks, Trolling, Blackmailing, and Ditching Class
Likes Snooping into people's business, trying things out, Programming, and Glass/ Shiny objects.
Dislikes Not understanding a solution, getting something wrong, and killing
Music Theme ALICE

(Yaro was last)


Dia is a young girl who's taller then Jade, (which really doesn't say much). She has pale, but brown-toned skin, shaggy silver hair put up in to a pony tail with a dangling braid, and pale aqua green eyes. She wears a black halter top-type dress underneath a laced up greyish-blue swallowtail jacket, and striped black and white tights. Dia also wears old fashioned shoes, and a black bow in her hair.  Dia wears white gloves with gray lace on both of her hands, with armor on their backs for protection from her weapon. She mostly wears all black,white, and grey. Her symbol resembles a Diamond on fire. She seems to never change her facial expression unless she's about to beat you up or if she's planing something. 


Dia was born in a small, secluded town nearby a fauna safe-haven that was run by the White Fang back when they were a peaceful, equal-rights advocating organization. Though she can't remember why or how, her brother, Heart, and Dia moved to the fauna town early on in her life. The town was referred to by it's residents as "Underland", and it was her home. She was raised there, despite not being a fauna. "Underland" was formed by a group of faunus who believed that humans and fauna should live in peace as equals. Dia grow up having strong morals, valuing life, and wishing for a better future for fauna and human alike. However,  her brother chose a different path, and for a reason Dia can't seem to remember, thinks humanity is evil. Heart soon created an organization of fauna who wish to abolish humanity, and replace them as the "master race". Heart's organization separated Underland into to fractions, causing  a civil war within the town. This made Chess, Dia's best friend and "enemy" to get worried for Dia, as she, since she was Heart's sibling, was more or less in the middle of it. Chess convinced Dia to get out of the war zone that was starting, and brought her to the nearest human city, where she began school in Signal...

The rest is history.

After that Dia swore to stop her brother, but at the same time she is unsure of which side she is on. 

  If I painted a white rose red would you be fooled? If I took the sun out of the sky would it be night or day? You see, if I painted the white roses Red they will still be white roses, underneath the paint...but if I took the sun out of the sky, Day and Night would be the same. The only light you'd have is the stars and even though they are bright...they are still very far away....Like me my dear Cat.

-Dia Wonder


Dia is upbeat and somewhat-crazy around people she knows every well, but comes across as harsh, mistrusting, and even rude to strangers. She doesn't seem to show much of her emotions on the outside, and keeps them to herself. Even though she is the smartest and probably the wisest on the team, she tends not to use those skills much. Dia is lazy, and tends to skip school and ditch class on a regular basis. She can't help but the make a cat-like grin when she's planning something, or when she's talking to Chess. Other then that she is a blunt girl who tends to tell the truth, no matter how rude she comes off as.

Due to spending so much time with Fauna, (especially the Cat fauna, Chess Smiley,) Dia was picked up some animal-like reactions.

Telents/ Skills

Dia lacks mostly strength due to her small size, but her speed and agility balance it out. However, her best skills are her intelligence, how she utilizes her very complicated weapon, and her flexibility She also has the best pain tolerance out of the team, and is able to take multiple hits before faltering. Even though she is the most skilled fighter and has to be sense her weapon can literally kill her if she isn't careful. However, Dia is willing to take that risk if it helps others. 

Weapon: A mechanical hat named Chess Board, that can turn into a ring blade with slots in the side that can open to brake apart into separate square-shaped blades that slice, and then shatter. The ring blade is made out off a magnetic nanobots that are attracted to her metal gloves.

Semblance: Running Late

Dia's semblance is simple it slows time and warps the area around her making physics, time, and gravity non-existent. Even death can not hit her.


Battle Song: Alice

This world is a mystery to me

it's on the break of insanity to me

the  way I'm going is so Grey to me

but it's the only reality to me to me

Alice I don't know left from right

Alice what's the difference between day and night?

Alice what's between Black and White?

Tell me, I don't know

but I'm going on,

I'm going on.(x2)

Found myself in a queer strange land

where am I going? have I gotten lost again?

is this life real or is it pretend? 

where did I go? why am I here again ?

Alice tell me if I'm wrong or right?

Alice what's the difference between day and night?

Alice can I be both black and white?

Tell me...



(By Nyan)

Her SONG: The Grey (Icon for Hire)


Jade: Dia doesn't really think of Jade highly, but then she doesn't look down on her, either. Dia doesn't know rather to loath Jade and envy her, or to like how child like she is, and admire her. Yet Dia still calls Jade her friend, and cares for her as a sister, a playmate, and ultimately, an equal.

Aster: Dia looks up to Aster, but finds her socially distant personality irritating. Most of the time, Dia twiches at Aster's "I'm a loner" speeches and offten makes rude comments during them just to throw Aster off.

Yaro: Like Jade, Dia didn't like Yaro at first, but unlike Jade , she still doesn't. Dia respects Yaro and his fighting skills. However, she offten believes that he is hiding something, and pushes herself away from him for fear of his "secrets". Despite all this, however, Dia still admits that Yaro is one of the few people that she trusts.

Heart: Dia has mixed feelings about Heart. She loves him but wants to kill him at the same time. She does not blame him for acting like the way he does, however, she hates how he goes to such violent extremes. Dia wants to be at his side and supportive of his ideas, but even so,  she really can not handle the fact that he kills mercilessly, without giving humanity even the smallest chance to redeem it's self. 

TheRestOF H.D.L.M: Dia doesn't really care for the rest of the H.D.L.M group, so there is really nothing else to say here.

Chess: Dia knows she has feeling for Chess, but they both agreed to not to act upon there feelings, as they both have roles to play, a jobs to do. Yet, even though she tries to hide her feelings for him, she still is more open to him then anyone else, and trusts him completely. Dia believes that they are both tied together somehow, since they understand one another completely, and help each other become strong.

Concept Art

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