I'll rise above all, I must not give in to this weak world !
Diaeresis Azura Lazurite de Verse
Dia postBeacon
Age 17
Title The Azure Dragon
Nickname Dia
Status Active
Color Azure
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 7
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion White
Hair Blonde
Eyes Azure
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Organdy
Additional Info
Emblem Dia Emblem
Likes Swords, Power, Rainbow Bunchies
Character Theme

Battle Theme

No pain, No Game!
This OC is owned by Van
This is my Fave OC, Don't mess with her, don't copy her, and no, no ships. but feel free to leave a comment.


Dia's face emits the very essence of an approachable and mellow person, however that's just her neutral first impression look. In real life she's a bit of a muscle head in contrast to her mellow face. She has a pair of green eyes with an even darker shade of green for her pupils. Her hair is golden that only goes all the way down to her nape. Due to her unlady-like mannerisms, her hair has grown spiky and rough instead of being smooth and straight. When she was a child, she had a fully grown hair that goes all the way to her hips, but since she has developed a liking to fighting, she cut it since it was more of a bother to her. Now she holds some of hair hair up on her back with a pin because even though her hair is shorter now, it's still spiky and it sometimes cover her face.

Dia wears casual clothes, she likes them because it's very comfortable and it allows her to move with ease. For the top she mainly wears a blue tank top because most of her clothes' sleeves rip apart quite easily when she uses her speed augment semblance on her arms. For the bottom she wears knee length denim pants held up by her customized holster belt that allows her to store her weapons separately when they're not in singular form. Conversely, she has a gray strap to hold her weapon on her back when it's in its singular form.

For her accessories, she wears a pair of black gloves with a padded gray wrist support. The wrist supports are there to ease her wrists when she's using her speed to switch and or wield the entirety of her weapon. It can be seen underneath her gloves that she has bandages wrapped around her wrists; This is a result of her hard work and continuous training to master her weapon taking its toll on her wrists. For the bottom part, she has a pair of gray weights on her calves for her daily training. This training that she's undergoing in allows her legs to move quickly even on a heavier state. The weights also allows her kicks to build up more momentum on impact when she kicks, complimented by her shoes that has metal for its sole and heel.


Dia is somewhat of an independent soul even as a child, she had the willingness to be blunt and straightforward with her feelings. Even though she was raised with proper manners and royalty-like attitude and overall outlook in her parent's manor, she had the guts to voice out her own opinion on how she wanted to be like. See, even at a young age, Dia was already craving to see every inch of the world. Born with excellence in her blood, she had the natural ability to easily learn what was being taught to her. As a quick learner, she was naturally smart and quick witted. She had the ability to simultaneously use her senses separately.  

Even if her life on her manor is pure solitude in essence, she was still happy. Her face was always so vibrant, always smiling. But deep down she was so bored, but it wasn't the feeling of being alone that made her bored. To her, everything was easy, studying the basics of everything and every day life made her feel so bored. She felt that she could learn more, do more and even discover more than what she's currently being taught with.  

The core of her personality is her will, her will to do anything and say anything she wanted as long as she willed it. This very personality made her develop a craving to experience everything and at the same time attain excellence in it. But nothing; not even the intelligence and wealth could satisfy her craving. She wanted all of it. That's why she set this goal, to achieve the peak potential of a normal human being. That's why even at a young age she wanted to learn how to get stronger. Later on, she became overly enthusiastic when it comes to swords, especially hers, the Agrona Galatine.  


Dia was raised as a perfectionist, she was born from a well-known family. She wasn't like any other rich kid, she wasn't spoiled and cared little about money. She was homeschooled, everyday she was taught by a handful of tutors teaching her every basic subject. Of course, in addition to her being all alone in her class, seeing that she was homeschooled, she was also all alone in her family's manor. But it didn't bother her much though. She would just sit all day in one room, with a proper posture behind her desk daydreaming. From time to time, she would look out the window of her classroom, break her elegant posture and stare at the vast garden in front of their manor as she swings her small legs back and forth, with her hand placed on her right cheek holding up her gloomy face. Naturally, her tutor would scold her for not listening in the class, but Dia has proven herself to her tutors by answering every quiz perfectly every time they quizzed her when she was not paying attention, for that they didn't bother with her not listening in class. In Dia's defense, she was still listening even though her brain was occupied with the daydream and her eyes where wondering about, following fallen leaves as they were carried by the wind in their garden. It was the only thing that gave her excitement on that period of her life. The only problem she had is her frail bones, which is the main reason she was home schooled and wasn't allowed to do most things fun because her parents thought that she might hurt herself.

On a day like any other, Dia was studying like she usually does, wondering like she usually does, staring at the garden like she usually does when... She saw a caterpillar, all cooped up in a cocoon. She pondered and pondered what the caterpillar was feeling when it trapped itself inside there. She smiled, in all honesty, she didn't even have to ponder what the caterpillar felt because she already knew. But then, her smile transformed into a gaping mouth expression when the cocoon split open and slowly came about a graceful being with azure wings harmonized with streaks of rainbow patterns when glanced by the sun. On that very moment, she understood what was happening. Her life's progression was slow, in fact, it was slowing her down. Like the caterpillar, she had to break free of what's holding her back, she needed to spread her wings that long to fly. In the middle of class, she stood up and locked herself up in her room. She pondered deeply as she was in her cocoon, refusing to leave her room until her parents have arrived.

When her parents arrived from work, they heard the news from their maids that Dia locked herself in the room and refused to talk to anyone but her parents. After hearing this, her parents rushed to her room and called her out. When Dia heard her parents' voice, she unlocked her door and looked them in the eyes with a determined face. Dia told her parents that she wanted to be more, she didn't want what she was being thrown with. She wanted to be smarter, know more, be stronger and experience a lot more from this world.

After a long and thorough discussion with her parents, they finally agreed to stop her from receiving home education and start enrolling her to a prestigious class overseas where she can both experience more and learn more than what she already know. It was all too sudden, but that is what she wanted, that's why her face showed no traces of regret or doubt. From then on, she realized that you can get what you want if only you willed it. That's why she stopped lying to herself that she's happy and contented with what she was doing and became truthful about her boredom.

Through her time overseas learning from a proper and more natural class, she learned about the class of hunters-to-be. It was her first time learning about these kind of classes, she thought that it was probably because her parents didn't want her to get involved in those kinds of things wherein one is put into a situation where their life is on the line. Probably because she was frail as a kid and had weak bones. After attending the classes which involved learning about grimms and how to kill them, she was greatly intrigued. In addition, her interest was piqued by demonstration of swordsmanship in their class. She saw the beauty and grace of how one can wield a blade and paint your enemies with red.  

It occurred to her in class that there was no way to fully exterminate the grimms for they are born from people's emotions. She pondered how that may be, from the science that she was taught, it wasn't even scientifically possible for that to happen. What were the causes? What started it? and the most important question, How?  

Realizing that there was so much more to do in this world than ponder, she began to train. Now that her parents aren't there to restrict her of what she could do, she went on jogged every day starting at the break of dawn, afterwards she would do sit ups and push ups. Every day she would do this, and every day she would groan at the pain of how hard it was to train her body. Due to the continuous strenuous exercise that she was putting her body into, she developed a rheumatic disorder. It wasn't that severe but every now and then when her body is put to the limits, she would feel the pain from her knees and her wrists.

Even after seeing that her body was really at its limits, she still kept her training at the same pace. She wasn't fazed by what was happening with her body, however she did do some research and applied countermeasures on whatever she could find on how to make her bones and joints stronger. These include medicine, drinking milk everyday, applying ice to numb and relax the muscle. Even with all these countermeasures and remedies, there was still one thing that made her keep moving forward. It was her undying will to overcome anything.

Her curiosity to grimms only led her to take the path of a huntress. She thought that what better way to prove to the world your strength than to exterminate the thing that threatens humanity itself. In addition, she chose her weapon to be a sword, not only because she fell in love with swordsmanship but it was the perfect weapon for her to use her physical prowess more than any other weapon. However, she became confused when she was confronted with so many blades to choose from. Every weapon was unique in their own way, some were fast yet had very little range, some had the range but requires a lot of effort to move, some were efficient to use, some were just right yet too plain. So instead of choosing, she gave it all her effort to forge her own weapon, a weapon that consists of all the weapons that cover every field in combat, whether it be speed, strength, range or defense.

The only problem she faces now is to learn how to use every sword, how to use it as a singularity and how fast can her brain and body cope up with the versatility of her weapon of choice. Luckily, with her fast learning abilities and intelligence, she was able to gradual get a grip on how to perform a proper attack pattern with her swords. Furthermore, with her ability to use her senses simultaneously, she learned how to adapt quickly to each weapon when she switches.

There were still years ahead before she could apply to a hunter's academy to learn more. Plenty of time for her to cope up with her physical state, but with the pace that she's been going it wouldn't be a surprise if she managed to get stronger than how she is now.

Then, the very day she was waiting for came forth as she took her first step inside Beacon's gates with her sword by her side and her will at her heart.

Post Beacon

Dia was able to fight off the grimms with her speed and strength, but the dragon grimm just kept refilling the enemy's numbers in the battlefield. The situation she was put in only proved to her that there was really no way of exterminating grimms. But she didn't lose hope. Even though they've retreated, it seemed like Dia was more motivated to train and fight than lose confidence. Her mind was still set on the fact that as long as one wills it, one can do it.



Dia's weapon's name is Agrona Galatine. It's made after the sword Galatine, it's composed of six different kinds of swords forming a giant singular sword.

The first sword Fragarach, located at the pommel. It's a sword with blades on each guard of the hilt. Held with one hand, she usually use this sword for surprise slashes. If she is using her whole sword to block an attack, she can easily pull this sword out from the pommel and counter the attack. When it's not in use it is putted in her back hip's holster or back to its original position in the pommel.

The second and third swords is Schmetterling, located at the quillon of Agrona Galatine. It's a pair of butterfly swords. She uses this to perform nimbler attacks and to cover more sweeping movements. When not in use it is putted at the side holsters at her hips.

The fourth and fifth swords is Amaterasu, a pair of long swords at the edges of Agrona Galatine. This swords' purpose is to add more possible directions along with range to where Dia can hit his opponent allowing her to identify her opponent's weak point/blind spot. When not in use it is placed at the side holsters at her hips alongside Schmetterling. It can fit with Schmetterling because Amaterasu has no quillons, making it thin.

The sixth and last sword Kusanagi, it's located at the fuller part of Agrona Galatine. It's Dia's range weapon, it's a modified gun katana. She added this as the base of her whole sword. Dia needed at least one range weapon for battling grimms because it's still hard to fight grimms such as Nevermores if she only wields melee weapons. This sword's purpose is for both long range and close combat attacks. When not in use she puts it in its scabbard.


Dia's semblance is celerity, the ability to make her movements swift. This further helps Dia's Hekatonkheires style to instantly switch weapons faster than before. The swift movements can enable Dia to enhance her reflexes even more to quickly evade incoming attacks, making her dodges look like illusory movements.

Dia mostly uses her semblance on her arms so that at the same time she could lessen the strains on her tendons and muscles and make her attacks much more quicker. Even quick enough to let her use her six swords simultaneously. Her semblance allows her to have a semblance effect that makes it look like there are multiple heads of dragons coming out of her overflowing aura, enveloping her body.


  • Diamond Verse Azure Dragon
    Hekatonkheires. Dia's own personal style, the style she developed herself. It's her control on her quick and constant repeated switches between her sword forms and the uniqueness to be able to maintain her mobility in doing so. She needed speed, strength, reaction time, and quick judgement over the required sword for the given situation to perfect this.
  • Reaction time, over her years of training she developed an impressive reaction time. Along with an impressive speed.
  • Azure Chimera, a move made by her. Dia is able to wield both Schmetterling and Amaterasu at the same time, meaning she can wield all those four swords. In order to do this, Dia came up with a plan, using her experience and intellect she learned that she can control all four swords by throwing the first pair to the air. Then she'll use the second pair to fight and wait for the first pair to land and vice versa. Making her style change, everytime she changes weapon.
  • Azure Hydra, using her semblance's Zenith Mode and her multiple swords, she can use all her swords simultaneously to attack her opponents. With all those different swords, she can use many combos while attacking.


  1. Dia's weapon "Agrona" means "The Goddess of Carnage" and "Galatine" was the name of Gawain's sword one of the knights of the round tables in the arthurian legend.
  2. "Fragarach" means "The sword of Air".
  3. "Schmetterling" means "Butterfly".
  4. "Amaterasu" means "Shining Heaven".
  5. "Kusanagi" is one of the three legendary japanese swords meaning "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven".
  6. I was thinking of a good surname for her, then I saw this move "Final Chapter" and it hit me, so i came up with the surname "Verse" and it fits her because it also sounds like "Burst" which is also spelled like "Bust".
  7. "Diaeresis" is the division made in the line of poetry when the end of a foot coincides with the end of the word.
  8. Her nickname "Dia" in Greek means apart, similar to her weapons.
  9. The Azure Hydra move was made by the power of Bret and Pam's friendship.
  10. "Hekatonkheires" means "Hundred-handed ones".


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