"When figuring out something, actually seeing the results is more satisfying than just a hypothesis"

Diana Fritillary




Age 17

18 (time-skip)

Status Active
Color Deep Sky Blue

Violet (time-skip)

Gender Female
Species Human
Born Atlas
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion White
Hair Blue

Black (time-skip)

Eyes Blue

Red (time-skip)

Semblance Dash Blinking
Height 5'4
Weight 102 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon

Atlas (time-skip)

Team Team SHAE (formerly known as team SHAD, former street gang team)


Partner Ariana Luna (former)

Leila Souris

Occupation Hacker/Computer Nerd
Additional Info
Weaknesses Heights
Character Theme

LUVORATORRRRRY! - rachie + JubyPhonic
 Diana Fritillary is the team leader of team DGTL. Inspired by a butterfly named Diana Fritillary. Her weapon is a hidden blade from both her hand. 



Diana has a cyberpunk look on her the moment any one sees her, she was accustomed to technology when she was in Atlas. She has a pink backpack that has her laptop, scroll and any other miscellaneous equipment. She wears pink glasses that has no grade. She also has a pink tie that is attach to her emblem. She wears blue long sleeves, a black skirt, and pink stockings. Also she wears high heels with a combination of black and blue.

Physically, she is short but has a big bust. 

Alternate Outfit (Wallflower)

When in casual walks, Diana is seen wearing her Wallflower outfit. It consist of her wearing a black and blue cap, resting above it is her pink shutter glasses. On her torso she wears a short tank-top and over it is a black leather jacket. And finally on her lower half she wears a sky blue jogger pants with sparkling rims designed both left and right, and under it is black tights. She wears hi-top shoes that also has some sparkles designed on them.

Diana wallflower

Spoiler: Post Time-skip

After the fall of Beacon, Diana's apparel change to all black. Her hair is now black (dyed) and her eyes are now a shade of red (contacts). She wears a black leather hoodie, a white belt, black leather pants with a hint of purple and hi-top black boots.


A little bit of a perfectionist. Diana insist on achieving everything at it's fullest.

Socially, she tries her hardest to relate to people even though it's not within her comfort zone. She tries to remember everyone's name just for info in case of an event that may or may not happen.

She acts like an innocent harmless girl who someone should look after for. This ruse is for her to easily befriend someone or lower their guard against her, but in truth she is only fishing out physical and psychological weakness of the person she is talking to.

On the inside, she is actually really cocky about her looks. She thinks she is cute enough that she doesn't have to do anything hard to get what she wanted.

She thinks two steps ahead of everything, every little thing she does has a motive for her strategy and for herself. Diana's thinking also leads her to some extreme antics too ridiculous for others that would make them think Diana is a little weird.

She also likes it when she can predict the person she's interacting to based on the information she has on that person. If she predicted wrong however she will start to freak out on the inside and tries to look like she's okay on the outside. She will freeze and look surprised for a second then immediately recover and start to converse normally again, she is still freaked out inside though. She will pester/stalk the person if she finds them unpredictable or have strange thinking patterns that interest her. She will not stop pestering/stalking the person until she understood every info she got on them that she might find useful in the future.

The only thing she doesn't like are people smart enough to outsmart her, or people who are super paranoid. This kind of people are the most difficult for her to fish information out of, and Diana is worried that this people will reveal her true nature of her just being friendly just for information.

Diana is a bit of a electronics nerd, everything from technology to web surfing and hacking is her forte.

She tries to be nice to everybody and see that everybody see her as a potential friend, unless of course if one decided not to be one or too dangerous that would potentially hurt others. She addresses people in third person, but if that person is someone very dear to her, she will address them in first person.


Diana is a daughter of an inventor and has a fraternal twin brother named Dione. Their mother died when she gave birth to the twins, which lead to their father supporting them on his own. She was born and lived in Atlas. Diana was very timid during her childhood, and always being seen behind her brother. She doesn't talk much and very awkward, which makes it hard for her to make friends. She always stays in her room, studying or surfing the internet. This led her to be very smart in terms of academics and made her obsession on technology.

When she heard her brother that he was going to become a hunter and attended combat school at Atlas, she decided to follow as well. With her intelligence and her knack on technology, she thought it might be a piece of cake. She was partly right, but the physical training and the uses of aura made it hard for her. Diana was only excelling in her academics, but that was nothing if she can't survive the battlefield. Her brother Dione noticed this and persuaded Diana to quit for her future, since obviously she will not survive as a huntress in her state.Hearing that from her own brother she was heartbroken.

She still continued attending combat school, ignoring her brother's request, but it still lingered her heart. Every time she failed at a physical exercise, aura exercise or people she heard talking at her back about her physically not suited for combat school, the thought of her brother's request comes to her mind and it hurts her heart. The fear of leaving the school separating her brother and her because of what she's lacking physically is stressing her out, giving her anxiety.That anxiety caught up to her during a landing exercise, that requires you to survive landing in a very high height. Of course, Diana was exempted to this exercise because she hasn't perfected "aura" yet. When she heard this, her anxiety acts up again of the fear that she will fail because of her inability to perfect her aura, so she insisted she partake in the exercise, even lying about her aura that she has already perfected it.

As the exercise is about to start, Diana thought that as long as she concentrate enough she will have enough aura to protect her from the fall. As the students started to fall, Diana quickly follows. This is the first time Diana has ever fallen in this height, and as the wind violent blows as she was falling, doubt clouded her mind that she would certainly die from this. Her mind turned blank, her fear and anxiety is at it's highest peak. She was having a panic attack, her chest began to hurt and even choking in air.

The students didn't notice Diana having a panic attack as they were all to busy at their own landing strategy. Her brother, Dione, noticed Diana's strange behaviour nearly as he was about close to the ground. Dione acted fast and saved her the last second, but since he was to focused on saving his sisters life, his aura was not at it's best and it bruised him with a few broken bones when he embraced his sister shielding her from harm.

When Diana regained her consciousness she was lying at a hospital bed. She looked for his brother to see if he was beside her, thinking that he'd be asleep sitting besides her. As she found him, he is lying unconscious in another hospital bed besides hers. She gasps and the thought of her brother hating her because of ignoring his request and pulling that stunt she did that almost cost both of their lives filled her mind. "What am i going to say to Dione as he wakes up?", "Will I still be continuing to study alongside my brother after what I just did?", "What will my father say when he learns that I'm responsible for this mess?". The list goes on and on in Diana's mind, building up fear and anxiety in her. Her heart began to ache, as if she is getting a heart attack. The nurses was called in for her and treated her.

Apparently all of Diana's worrying and fear of losing her brother's trust in her led her in having an anxiety disorder, and that event that scarred her from falling from a high place while unprepared caused her to have a fear of heights.When they were released from the hospital, Diana learned that the bill from both her and her brother was expensive, and it made her feel sorry for herself. And as she went home with her family, she can't look at them directly eye to eye, as she feels like she is the problem this family has. Her father noticed Diana's worried face and knew what was going through her mind. So her father visited her room, while Diana was lying down to her bed facing the wall. Diana heard her father entering the room, she asks while still facing the wall if he is mad at her. The father answered yes, but followed with a question "What kind of father woudn't be?". Diana asked another question that is she going to stop going to combat school with her brother. Diana's father gave her a deal, that by the end of the year if she doesn't pass in the physical and aura subjects in combat school then she will not continue studying there. What her father said worried Diana, and replied if it's even possible for her to improve by the end of the year. Her father replied that he has raised her long enough to know that she is a smart girl and is confident that she can find her own way. As her father leaves the room Diana cried herself to sleep.

As she goes to school she still can't look her brother eye to eye. Like her father, her brother is the same and noticed her avoiding him.  As they were close to the school, her brother, Dione stopped. Diana stopped as well, as she feels like her brother is about to say something. There was a long pause. As Dione opens his mouth, Diana quickly interrupts him and apologized to him almost close to crying, that she is sorry for everything that she is a worthless person for causing so much trouble for him and their father. Dione paused for a moment, and suddenly karate chopped her forehead. Diana flinched, and her brother tells Diana that she is not a worthless person, she is his sister, a very important person in his life and no matter what trouble she has caused, both him and her father will help her no matter how big or small it is, for she is family.

Diana cried hugging his brother, repeating "I'm sorry" to her brother repeatedly, and his brother hugged back. This is where Diana decided to work even harder. She decided to leave her timid personality behind, she learned how to hide her timid nature with wit and acting awkwardly cute with her appearance. And using her intellectual strengths, she tries to use the detective approach to use it for identifying weakness both physically and psychologically to any opponent grim or not. With the help of her technological expertise she learned hacking to use to her advantage in figuring out the personalities of people she only heard through names and learning their weakness physically and psychologically.  Physically, she is now improving, with the help of her brother, and friends she made because of her new personality and studying them by spying on them using her hacking skills.

The Last Two Years

It's going well for Diana, life was great, she no longer struggles with aura and her physical strength. Although Diana developed a bad habit of using her hacking skills for her own gain. As she now use blackmail to threaten people she doesn't like, and steal money from other bank accounts when she needs it to further upgrade her PC. She has became rather selfish.

This bad habit of hers decided to bite her back, as she was emailed by an anonymous person that she is being tracked. Diana doesn't want her family to know about her activities so she traced the email back. As soon as she found a location she immediately went there, since she is confident enough that with her skills she learned in Signal she can beat down whoever that person was.

When she arrived she was ambushed, apparently the anonymous person is from a notorious street gang, and they know about her hacking skills and what she does with them. Diana couldn't take them all since some of them are from the same combat school as well and some were first year Atlas Academy students. She was captured and blackmailed her to join there gang.As she returned home, she can't look at her brother in the face because she got herself in another mess that she made herself. Once again, her brother, Dione, noticed the sudden change in Diana's face. Dione knew Diana enough to know that she won't tell him what's wrong with her if he asked directly. So he decided to spy on her.

The street gang keeps on calling Diana to go to a specific place and hack a rival gang's network, that was basically Diana's job now. Dione saw what she was doing, unfortunately Dione was also captured and blackmailed him to join as well or Diana might get into an unfortunate accident. As more Diana begged to let his brother go, the more the gang decided to keep him as a member.

In order to prevent them from plotting treason, they separated them by team, so they mimick what Beacon did and formed them a team. Diana was put to team SHAD, and Dione was put to another team. Diana again begged for her to be teamed up with her brother, as she fears that she might never see her brother again if something bad happens. Dione whispered to Diana as he leaves with his team, that he'll find a away to set themselves free, so he wants Diana to hang in there a little longer.

During her time with her new team, she was always depressed and distant to her team, she always has a blank tired expression to her face. In her time in the team she is the hacker and also the mastermind on killing some rival gang members with traps and also her own hands.

Her teammates were cold towards her, one of them was keeping an eye on her and threatening her life if she tries anything to screw them up. The other one was blissfully bullying her about her brother, that he'll be dead soon if they just give it time.

Despite this, there is one person in her team that tries to cheer her up. Her name is Ariana Luna, Diana's teammate, and a self-proclaimed street magician. Ariana tries to cheer Diana up with her street magic, even though she is mediocre at it. She tries to let her see the good side of being in a street gang. Eventually Diana opened up to her, though she still doesn't like being in a street gang. As months go by, Diana began feeling unfazed by killing rival gang members.

One day, during a gang attack, Diana was her usual self planning strategies and traps. Until her team is caught in a bind, they were losing, and soon their life. Diana saw Ariana got shot since her aura has depleted, this made her lose her composure, seeing as she is the only one left with aura, she let her rage all out and revealed her semblance to her team that she was keeping a secret until the time she plans on escaping. She managed to kill four gang members and the others began to scatter, all her anger came pouring out that she even threatens her own team that she will kill them since she never liked them in the first place. Her team tries to reason with her but only got Diana even angrier. Until Ariana came, she still has a bullet wound from the last time but she slowly tries to walk to Diana. Diana yells at her that she will truly kill her if she comes close. Ariana tells Diana to go ahead and shoot her, and tells her that she will be killing someone who actually cares for her. Diana didn't shoot and she started crying as she really hates this being in street gang. All Ariana could do is hug her and pat her on the head.

As time goes by, Diana and Ariana became close, but Diana started to have feelings for her. Then her brother Dione, shows up in secret to speak with Diana. Dione already has a plan to get out of the street gang, and he made sure their family won't be affected, thanks to a friend of his. All Diana has to do is hack the gangs database and delete every trace of information about them.

Diana and Dione managed to escape with there information completely deleted, and they graduated in combat school. The twins decided to transfer to Vale and apply to Beacon to become Hunters, so that they can protect themselves and never have to go back to that street gang again.

Spoiler: After the fall of Beacon

After the fall of Beacon, Diana is convinced that being a huntsman was not what she wanted it to be. The way she has been fighting, the way she works and the way she allies herself with other people is the same as it was when she was with a street gang.

So she went back to Atlas, to her old gang and resumed her life as a gang member.


Gaea Buckwheat - One of Diana's teammate. And the rebel of her team. She constantly makes Diana stressed out because of her easy going attitude and the way she doesn't take anything seriously. This girl constantly starts a fight with her partner, which annoyed her every time.

Terrel Couronne  - One of Diana's teammate. The strength powerhouse of her team. Diana actually finds him quite nice for someone who was born from a wealthy family. To her surprise, Terrel is the easiest to reason to. For someone who would easily turn to a fiery rage, she can easily calm him down.

Leila Souris - One of Diana's teammate and partner. Diana knows about Leila's bad habit of being too nosy. She doesn't like her constant judgemental glares every time she does something, it's like she knows what she was thinking. Even if Diana tries to be buddy-buddy with her, she only get more constant glares and suspicious questions.

Ariana Luna - Diana's former partner in her former street gang. Ariana was the one who comforted Diana during hard times in the street gang. She still considered her as a friend, and even more than that. Even if Ariana now despises Diana, Diana's feelings for her still hasn't changed.


Diana is all speed and evasions since she has a low vitality. She also has hidden blades in her gauntlets, which her gauntlet as well can blast energy in case of a flying enemy. Her most common attack is getting her enemy in a kneel position, then dashes back and charges to the enemy and doing "shining wizard".

In an intellectual side of her skills, she uses the information she got from networks she hacks or received to piece together valuable informations hidden behind those informations. She got this skill from her hobby of doing detective work just for fun in the internet and famous detective books.

Diana heavily relies on technology, meaning she can't stay too long, fight too long, or use her weapons heavily since her weapon runs on electricity and power. Because of that, when in a fight for too long, Diana will blindly go all out on the offensive on the attacks leaving windows of opening for her opponent to strike.

That is why Diana plans two steps ahead, and will fall into pressure if a plan doesn't go the way she wants. Eventually with all that pressure she will get greedy and either just attack head on without thinking or save herself.


The hidden blades acts as a conduit to hack machines by piercing to any electronic device, opening them or shutting them down completely. This works like when she stab through the wires, the metal of the blade acts like how the metal inside the wires works. So the information of the device can not only go through her blade like nothing happened, but can also go through her blade and into her gauntlets which is Wifi-ed through her scroll, phone, and laptop.

Her blades also conducts electricity, and can also be used to electrify opponents. She has an internal battery to power her gauntlets to maintain the connection of her gauntlets to her other devices, as well as said before her blades to coat a little electrical damage boost.

If her battery starts to deplete her weapon will become unusable unless the blades are out. Just like any other electronics, her weapon will simply stop working if there is no more energy. The only way she could regain electricity is by using her blades to suck out power from other electronic hardware. If the battery is completely out, she will be unable to regain electricity from other devices. The only way to get electricity back if her weapon is out of energy is by plugging it back to her charger, which she has to normally plug in. She can only regain electricity from other devices if her weapon is functioning or "turned on".

That's right, her weapon has an on/off button, though it's not exactly a button more of a touch pad. The three teal squares right next to the big teal streak on her gauntlets, those are her on/off buttons. To turn them on, she must place her fingers on each square at the same time for three seconds. That is why she is wearing some unusual looking gloves where three of her fingers are exposed. Diana will know if her weapon is turned on when the teal colours from weapon is glows and her "bullets" started to spin a little.

Her "bullets", the teal cylinder things on her weapon are not really bullets. They are like batteries that act like bullets. Each one of them can store enough electricity to be fired once. It fires the same as Neptune's weapon in volume 2 episode 4.

Spoiler: Time-skip

Diana switched to her new weapon upon arriving at Atlas. She now has a dagger that can turn into a katana, and she now only has one gauntlet on her left hand.

Unlike her previous gauntlet, her new one fires above her arm and can also function as a buckler.


Her semblance is "Dash Blinking" - Diana's dash ability, where she dashes a few feet fast. While dashing she will disappear and objects will pass through her, but she can only do it for 0.5 seconds per dash. This ability might be useless if she only dash once, but when combined can be pretty handy. And Diana knows this.

When she use her semblance, she will glow a teal neon trail at her back.

Like mashing "the barrel roll" button in a video game, her dash semblence can be used as an evade tool for enemies. So if she dashes one after the other it would look like her trail would be something like broken lines.

For example:

One dash = _

Multiple dashes = _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ 

The lines would indicate her visibilty and vulnerability. As much as any other, there are a few pros and cons to this semblance. The pros would be that she can evade and move fast with this technique, but the cons would be that the more she use more dashes the more stamina she drains and the more vulnerable if she is hit in perfect timing. Timing is the weakness of this semblance. 

So like her, if the opponents wants a chance to hit Diana, they must be patient and learn her timing. Or else be clueless and lose without knowing why. 


- For the CNR, her name originates from "Diana Fritillary", a butterfly which is blue if the butterfly is female.


Diana's emblem

-The name "Diana" alone comes from the latin name of the goddess of the moon and where the name of the butterfly "Diana Fritillary" came from because of the silvery crescents in it's wings.

- She likes the wrestling move "Shining Wizard", which she sometimes mixes in her fighting style but the only move where she yells it while performing it.

- She is also a detective hobbyist, putting the information she got from the network and piecing it together to learn more about a certain person both physically and mentally.


- The events of the story of team DGTL from before the fall of Beacon is actually a story of how Diana is actually the main villain in the DGTL storyline.

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