C'moooon, lets get some lucky sixes!
— Dice
Dice Six
Age 36
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Black and white
Eyes White and black
Semblance Dice Roll
Height 6ft
Weight 66kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beating Heart, Hearts family
Occupation Bouncer, security guard
Additional Info
Likes 6, gambling, dice, RNG
Dislikes Losing, bad rolls



Dice's personality is something of a rarity. She is a relatively quiet person who doesnt actively seek out other people to talk to, but is rather loud if people strike up conversation. She is in general a pleasant person and very laid back, and many people describe her as 'cool' and 'groovy' 


Weapons and abilities



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