I am the Immaculate Sable. I am the Dark warrior. I am the just Light. With Akarusa and Yami in hand shall I reap the selfish sins of this world, and cleanse it in the Flames of the Night.
— Dinivas Sable
Dinivas Sable
Age 17
Title The Immaculate Sable
Status Active
Color Black
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born January 28
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Jet Black
Eyes Blue
Height 6'
Weight 168 Pounds
Professional Status
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem Ragna Emblem
Likes Strength, Light, Birds
Dislikes Selfishness, Darkness, Fire
Special Skills Expert Dual Wielder, Adept Farmer
Weaknesses Anger
Character Theme

I'll Face Myself ~Another Version~
Battle Theme

Dinivas Sable was created by Ragna the Bloodedge. Please do not copy this character, it would be very unethical.
Let Darkness consume you! Shatter!


The Predecessors 

The Sable family were considered to be outcasts from everyone due to a fate of endless fighting. They fought against those with power because everyone was ruled with an unfair hand. Authority was always the supremacy and all they wanted was everyone to be equal. They would contract different types of mafia to fight against those with power and the Sables wouldn't stop until equality was finally reached; however, this lifestyle had to end, and it was the love of a Sable woman and a man with a past long forgotten to end this. Hotaru Sable had been trained as a warrior ever since she was young with a gun-blade called Akarusa to continue this legacy of endless fighting, but she met a kind man after a fight who tended to her wounds. His name was Kouki Egret and he had once been a Huntsman with his own gun-blade called Yami, but he quit the job after getting tired of having to do the same thing everytime; however, Kouki kept his weapon on his person for protection. Both of their gun-blades were also pretty identical, to the point where they could even be called twin weapons.

Maybe it was to be this way from the start. Hotaru and Kouki decided to make meetings now and then after that engagement, and soon enough, they started to fall in love with each other. Hotaru agreed with Kouki's decision to leave the job of a Huntsman and wanted to leave the Sable family; however, getting in was easy, but leaving the name of Sable behind was a death sentence. It was true, for Hotaru barely made it out by the skin of her teeth if it wasn't for Kouki's help, although a major blow was done to the Sable family. At least 60% were killed, and most of them were slain by Hotaru. She never wanted to live this life since she was a child, but it had to be this way. She wanted to make sure that there was no more fighting, and anyone who got in her way died. The blow dealt to the Sables was immense, to the point where they died out from the disadvantage against others and Hotaru was the only member remaining. Hotaru and Kouki lived in an unoccupied area full of free land to be used for harvesting and planting and it was here that they had a son. His name is Dinivas.

The Dark Child

Dinivas was born with two distinguishable characteristics, a large amount of black hair, and blue eyes. Hotaru would cut his hair regularly, but it would continue to grow at a fast pace, so she only did monthly trimming and cutting. Dinivas grew up as a normal child in a rural area, just with some teachings about common life and what was essential to get through life: mathematics, language, a little bit of history and some science along with a few more things. Dinivas lived a calm life growing up with his parents. He was happy with the bonds they made together, and it was around the time he turned eight that Kouki and Hotaru decided to teach him about agriculture so he could live a peaceful and long life. When Dinivas started out, he was only average at the job and when he was compared to his parents, he was nothing. Still, he tried his best to make his parents proud, and they could see it in him. As time passed by, Dinivas slowly became better at his work, and his parents always helped him out on any trouble that he had. By the age of ten, Dinivas had become impressively better, although he was still many steps back from his parents, he was getting there.

A few weeks after Dinivas had turned eleven, he was harvesting some of his family's crops with a lantern at his side at night, because he was up at it for a while, getting all the fresh produce. As Dinivas was going back to the house with his harvest and lantern in each hand, he had accidentally slipped on the floor in the house and the lantern had been smashed open and caused an already growing fire. Dinivas ran to his father and mother's room, not knowing what to do, and woke them to the still increasing light. Hotaru and Kouki had quickly taken as much of the family's essentials and due to the fire stopping them from heading out through the entrance, they had to blow a part of their wall off using their weapons. Soon after, they had run as far away from the fire to the point where they could no longer see it. It had spread from the house to the trees which had fallen over their harvest and burned the land the family spent so much time on. Even if it was Dinivas' fault, Hotaru and Kouki did not hate him, this was only just a part of life. It was time to continue on with their lives and so for countless days, Hotaru and Kouki hunted for food, as the only supply this time was meat. They took turns hunting for food and taking care of Dinivas, but one thing that stuck with Dinivas was the memory of fire burning all that he knew, and so Dinivas hated it. The sight of seeing everything that he grew up with, being engulfed by flames was enough to set this child on a dark path.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, the family continued to live this way. There was no end to this struggle for both Hotaru and Kouki for they could never make a normal living anywhere. They both were too recognizable for Hotaru always had characteristics of the Sable family and Kouki had given up on society for too long to enter back in. Dinivas had no experience with the outside world other than his life in farming and what teachings his parents taught him. He was all alone with no one but his father and mother. Dinivas had grown less and less like he was and fell more and more into darkness. What was there to live for anymore? He became more distant from his family and all he would do would just sit around, staring into space. This led on for about six months until Hotaru had had enough of this child foolishness. She decided that it was time that Dinivas take up something, and that thing was fighting. Kouki happily went along with this decision for it was about time for Dinivas to do something. They decided to teach him the basics in fighting a day before they went on their hunt. They taught him about movement, strikes, etcetera etcetera, but the biggest point in their talk was to always keep a cool head. They decided to have Dinivas practice with a wooden sword they had cut and fabricated from a tree. It was only about an hour that he started to show excellent work. Perhaps it came from genetics, but it was to Dinivas, a gift. It was something that he could use to vent. Something to put his soul into. Hotaru and Kouki noticed the change in him, but Kouki paid it no mind while Hotaru had some kind of regret about this after seeing his progress. Maybe it was a reminder that the blood of the Sables will always linger. Bloodlines are never just a memory even if only a single strand remains.

Until the age of thirteen, Dinivas lived the life of hunting. This was his normal. He enjoyed this endless war and grew stronger with his skills. Hotaru had began to worry about him. He was growing to be more darker and darker. Kouki noticed it too, and decided that maybe it was time for him to take a different direction. He decided to apply Dinivas to his old academy with the mindset that he'll at least make some friends and have some competition. Hotaru was hesistant at first with this decision. She wanted to help Dinivas get through this dark age of his life by keeping him close to family, but both Kouki and Dinivas wanted Dinivas to go to the academy. He wanted to become stronger and learn more than from experience while hunting and being home-schooled. He wanted to know more strategies, he wanted competition, he wanted to fight. So, as preparation Dinivas trained when he was told he was allowed to join in the upcoming year and to support this, Hotaru and Kouki decided it was time to give their only child, the family weapons. They gave Dinivas their two gun-blades, Akarusa and Yami. When Dinivas first started out wielding these, they were too heavy for him. The scabbards were tied to together by a tight leather strap which were then connected to Dinivas by his hips. All of this equipment was a little heavy for him, but as Dinivas started to practice with them, they became lighter and lighter as he went. The weight still burdened him, but as time would continue, the hindrance would be lessened. From this point until the academy, all that happened for Dinivas was training and to learn some people skills from his parents; however, what happened to his parents? Well, they were given a house along with work which was helping elders. They took to this job while Dinivas trained at Kouki's academy. All three of them were satisfied with what happened. Even Hotaru's hesistations were slowly driven away. Even in the darkest of ages, light will always find its way through.

Child of Light

The first week of school for Dinivas was just how any newcomer meets new people. Nobody really talked to him and he only talked when he was called on in his class. One could say that he was the shy kid of the school. He never talked and he barely did anything. Every day it was the same: go to class, eat your food, do your homework, sleep, repeat. Nothing had changed for about two months at school, and only in Dinivas' spare time did he ever practice with Akarusa and Yami; nonetheless, this wasn't enough to improve his skills. Dinivas had nothing to do and it was absolutely boring. There weren't any sparring matches yet, and everyone was just learning about the basics. He could see the same faces on other people as well, and they were always the same every day. The learning, writing, and testing progress led for about three months straight until it was finally time for some actual fighting to be done. All of this was to prepare everyone to make sure they all knew what they were going to do in combat, especially the novices, and when class started the next day after the final test, it was announced that the combat training was going to begin starting tomorrow. Everyone's faces had finally lit up, and those that were bored started becoming enlightened at the news. To most, it was time to do something and to apply their skills. To Dinivas, it was the time to show others how well he is at combat. It was time for Akarusa and Yami to show their skills, and for Dinivas to finally open up.

Tomorrow morning. It was finally time for some actual combat and fighting. As it was only the freshman year, the students weren't allowed to fight with their weapons if they did have any, so instead they fought with wooden replacements from gauntlets, bows and arrows, to lances and swords. Dinivas went with the obvious choice and took two wooden swords. The teacher, Sho Ventura, took the class to the gym where, obviously, all of the fighting and training took place at. He decided to have only have two people duel at a time with the reason being that it would be a little too chaotic. Dinivas was one of the last people to be sent up for a duel with another student. Dinivas was actually surprised when he was called on because he was flabbergasted by his classmates. They actually had good technique, albeit some of them still weren't that great, but they did give a good show. For Dinivas' first fight at this academy, he was set up against someone who utilized CQC. He could barely remember his name, and the only thing he could remember was something that sounded like Iori, but the one thing he did remember was the fight. His opponent was quite skilled in combat, he waited for Dinivas' attacks and led him on. It was if he was just toying with him, but he soon took the offensive as well. He seemed like he had something on his mind, but Dinivas took no time to think about it. The fight began and it was only about five minutes into the fight, that his opponent had lost. It was a good fight and both students had respect for each other. For his foe, all he did was sit back down and take a break after that, but Dinivas was welcomed by the arms from his fellow classmates. This point was the the day when Dinivas had finally become well known amongst his fellow classmates as one of the top students. Dinivas was kind to all around him at this point and he believed they were all friends together. His days were sure to be more lively. Well, all Fires that burn bright will be extinguished.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, Dinivas lived a great life at this academy for nearly three years. The first year went pretty well after that first training session. He had made new friends and he even wrote his parents a letter at the end of freshman year. Kouki and Hotaru were still helping out elders, but times were getting tougher. They weren't making much money anymore to support themselves, and taxes were getting harder and harder to pay, to the point where they had to start digging into their reserves. Dinivas was pained to hear this between their responses, and his parents knew it. Hotaru was saddened to have Dinivas be this way, but Kouki decided that they should have at least one gift for Dinivas if they could never give him another. They decided to buy him a gift, in the form of a pet. They decided to buy Dinivas a sparrow which was special due to its black appearance with white wings. It took them a while to train the small thing so it could travel long distances and know its sense of direction, and this process took about five months. It was during the middle of Dinivas' sophomore year that it had flew into the gym they were working in and landed on his shoulder with a note attached to its back telling that this sparrow was a gift from his parents. The other students were watching the small sparrow look around in a confused way, while Dinivas was enjoying the moment. He immediately wrote back to his parents that night while his sparrow flew about in his room. Dinivas was so happy with all of this, to the point where he even forgot about the decrease in his parents' income. Yet, even with all of this, the family was happy to know that Dinivas was happy; however, will the Greed of the many take over the happiness of the few?

Year by year, Dinivas had grown to be a strong individual. He decided to name his sparrow Angeal after the white wings. Dinivas continued to excel in combat. He was soon reaching the top of his classes in every fight and working towards gaining more power. He didn't know why he fought, for the only reason he wanted to fight was the enjoyment of the moment. Fighting was his normal, his nature and this continued on to be this way until it was a few months before graduation at the academy. Dinivas was sixteen years old and he was happy that he would finally return to his parents after such a long time. Though, this happiness was short lived when he soon found out that Kouki was dying of an illness. Hotaru couldn't do anything for him, because their income was too low to pay for it. No doctor was kind enough for the duty because they all wanted payment. Even the academy where Kouki had gone to and where Dinivas resides didn't want to help him. Kouki had caused too many trouble there and it was revealed to Dinivas that he had only been accepted due to the pleading of Kouki. They were kind enough to give them a house that cost them quite a lot of money especially since they weren't getting the money back. When this news was given to Dinivas by his parents, he couldn't handle it. The academy that treated Dinivas so well, wouldn't give a hand to help his father. Dinivas grew darker when this news reached him and he was angered by all of this. Why wouldn't they help his father? He was a student here as well. Was this the Divine Retribution for any sins caused by Dinivas Sable?

The Confrontation of Fire and Darkness

Week by week, Dinivas had to live with this until it was the final month two weeks before all seniors graduated. It was also the day that Kouki died. Hotaru cried endless amount of tears over this and Dinivas cared not for graduating. He ran from the academy to meet his soulless mother and give his father a burial with the two he loved dear to his heart. Hotaru had loved him for sixteen years and lost him like this, to the Greed of man's heart. Angeal had even cried for him which was signaled by small chirping noises. Dinivas was angered by all of this madness. His father was dead, and the people to blame was his academy. He wanted to do something, but he couldn't for he was too weak. Yet, this motivated Dinivas. He wanted to prove that his father wasn't trash, and so he challenged his own teacher, Sho Ventura to a duel. It was Sho himself that was Kouki's teacher that deemed him unfit. He brought up the records, and he despised Dinivas. He taught the idiot father, and he had to teach the successful son. Sho hated it and now he had a chance for his revengeance. Despite the academy having a strict, “No Killing“ policy, it didn't matter for this case. It was death for one of them. Sho wanted to end this bloodline of Egrets, and Dinivas wanted to have some kind of retribution. Hotaru knew about this, but she only said to do what he had to do. She had no life in her anymore after Kouki's death, and this only motivated Dinivas further. This battle was more than just life or death. It was to show how much Dinivas had grown. He had bested all of his classmates at one point, but could he best the one who taught him all this way?

With both Akarusa and Yami in hand, Dinivas wanted to end Sho's life. Sho brought up every effort to stop Dinivas from joining in the academy, and his attempts were nothing. With both eyes locked, they began their fight; however, Dinivas' fear and hatred of fire began once more. Both hate and fear were pushing deep into his heart and mind for Sho's Aura was that of a burning fire waiting to end the life of Dinivas. Sho's own weapons consisted of gauntlets and combat boots which exuded a flame on each attack due to his Semblance. The flames of Sho soon overcame Dinivas, and Dinivas soon faced his own death. His eyes started closing. He couldn't stay awake, but in one moment, he felt alive, ready to kill. He wanted a fight, the moment of murder, and to have Sho's life at his own hands. With this new gained power, he drew his strength back once more and fought again. The battle lasted longer than it should have and soon once more Dinivas had been dropped to the point where he could barely hold himself up. Sho, on the other hand, had plenty of energy left, though Dinivas could hear the heavy panting. It was the end for Dinivas and he knew it. There was nothing he could do; he couldn't even swing his own gun-blades, but even in the Darkness, Light will find its way. Hotaru, the father of Dinivas and the first of the remaining two Sables came flying in from an obscure direction and landed a strike on Sho causing a deep gash. She came to realize that she had to do something. She couldn't cry over Kouki's death day and night, and when Dinivas told her that he was going to fight against Sho, she knew that his death was for good reason, but his death was one that was desired. Sho loathed both Kouki and Dinivas, and it was time that something was to be done about all of this. Sho collapsed to the floor from that one strike cast upon him. He was able to at least raise one hand out, pleading for mercy, but his heart met the retribution of Kouki. Sho lay dead on the ground and Dinivas passed out during this moment. Hotaru took Dinivas from the area and left the academy with her revengeance taken. The death of Greed is a path filled of Dark ones.

The Sable family were considered to be the family of Death and Darkness. They fought as if they controlled the Dark and died in it. This fate lies with Dinivas. He awoke the power of the Sable family. When Dinivas awoke from his slumber, he found himself awake in the comfort of his own home with Angeal on his head and Hotaru by his side. Hotaru explained the fate of all Sables and from this Dinivas drew why he loved fighting. Each Sable was taught to fight at an early age, and they always had to excel. Dinivas was a prime piece who fought for the sake of fighting. He had awoken his Sable blood and with this, a brand was appeared on his own back. Aura is the manifestation of one's soul. Everyone is able to use their Aura in different ways and in their own personal ways they had their own Semblance. Dinivas' Aura mained on the selections of offensive combat while his Semblance was a selection of anger. Dinivas was taught about Aura at his academy and was able to place it to some use. Some ways were to help in combat and it also helped him sense the Aura levels other people had, but this time Dinivas had obtained a new power. This was the Semblance of the Sable family which manifested itself as an emblem on his back. Hotaru never wanted this for Dinivas and she didn't want anything with the Sables to continue with him, but he was happy. He was happy to have his mother still alive and everything his parents had done for him. Hotaru was proud to have Dinivas as her son and respected the way he lived his life. Perhaps the fate would finally end with him. His heart is of Light, yet his path is of Darkness.

Dinivas had decided to stay at their house for a while and only a week later, a letter came in. It came from the director of Dinivas' academy saying that he was accepted to go to Beacon Academy. No other note was left, and when this news came in, both Dinivas and Hotaru were happy with this. Despite all that happened, Hotaru wanted Dinivas to still live his life to the fullest and be the true heir to Kouki. Dinivas wanted to honor this as well, and so he decided to go to Beacon. By the time Dinivas turned seventeen, he had designed a new attire for himself and a new sheath for Akarusa and Yami is a shared sheath. It was placed diagonally upon Dinivas' back and was tied by a white strap to his waist. The brand on Dinivas' back was permanent, and he hated it. The Sables lived in darkness for too long and this was to be his own fate, but he fought against it. The darkness was not a place for a person like Dinivas, but the light was. Even with using the Darkness, he couldn't beat Sho, let alone touch him without it. This new power gave him strength beyond his own means, but he fought against it. Dinivas was going to recreate the Sable name in his own way, and even if he had to rely on the darkness inside of him, the light given to him by his parents would surely grant him the willpower to conquer any foe. This light was his strength and he would never give it up. The Immaculate Sable would walk the world as a dark warrior, but live the life of a warrior of light.


The most notable things that people can easily see about Dinivas is his wild, spikey, and jet-black hair, his blue eyes, and if he's not wearing a shirt, his emblem on his back. Other than this, Dinivas is moderately buff, but only to the point where it's most noticeable by his abs. A note about his hair: As wild and long as it is, there is an extra cluster of hair stretching down from his head to just below his waist.

Before Dinivas changed his clothes, he wore black pants along with a black T-shirt. His entire theme was practically just black colored; however, after Dinivas realized his Sable heritage, his attire had changed. Dinivas now wears an unstrapped white coat which flows freely with the sleeves taken off as well as revealing his front upper-body. His pants though generally remained the same, though they do seem to be a little whiter than fully black. As for his boots, Dinivas decided to take up gray colored combat boots in place of his black shoes and as for his sheaths for Akarusa and Yami, they were replaced by one mutual sheath attached to Dinivas' back by a white strap around his waist. Both gun-blades enter in from either end of the sheath and come out just the same way.

Now, the brand of Dinivas or the emblem of Dinivas is located on his back. It's usually hidden away by his coat, but if he ever takes it off it's quite noticeable. People always wonder if it's a tattoo, but Dinivas just rebutes them and says that it was a birthmark. This mark, when unawakened, covers a good portion of his back. It's fully blackened and it stands out from his own skin, so he can rarely ever hide it. Yet, this mark also has a second form. When under tense conditions and Dinivas decides to awaken the Dark Aura inside of him, this mark changes form and what seems to be wings are stretched, developing a new look. Dinivas always tries to hold his Dark Aura back, so rarely is it ever seen. His Aura that surrounds him during this is Black. This is Dinivas' Semblance.

Ragna Emblem

The Slumbering Mark

Black Beast Emblem

The Awakened Emblem


Dinivas' attitude to others is a mix of both darkness and kindness. He generally keeps a mix of both dislike and kidness to a lot of people when they first meet, but once he finds something that he just despises about them, his attitude to them is fully of hatred. He just can't stand selfish people who hurt those who can't help themselves and he loses respect for those who don't stand up to those bullies. All of this attitude is thanks to his father's death due to no one even caring to help him. Dinivas couldn't stand it when he died because of that. He wanted a better reason why. At least some show of kindness, which the elders did provide, but nothing else. No doctor would give their aid for free, and throughout all of this Dinivas felt angry at everyone. He believed that everyone was selfish and that no one would help another person, but these accusations ended after the death of Sho and his bloodline was told. Dinivas is overall just a kind person who wants to protect others. The Darkness that lives in him wants to fight, but the Light that exists wants to protect.

Whenever Dinivas is in a fight, his heart is flushed out in combat. All of his anger is released and he fights to the maximum potential he can show. He barely holds back which one case being is when he fights against comrades. Back when he was a kid, Dinivas fought because he wanted to fight and that brought him happiness, but now Dinivas fights to release all of his hatred and anger out, yet care is also shown. For if Dinivas fought only for anger and hatred, then his Aura would finally show the power of Darkness. Dinivas fights against it because he knows that it isn't him. He fights to help others and he's happy with his life. During combat he wants to make sure that no one gets hurt. He knows when his opponent has fallen and a fatal strike can happen. He cares deeply for his friends and loved ones. The life of hatred and anger isn't him, but he always releases it. It helps him vent, and besides, he has his friends around him to help out. Whenever Dinivas fights, his anger and happiness are released. Anger from those that caused his family pain, and happiness knowing that his mother, father, and sparrow are watching him in pride and respect along with his friends who he protects with his life and vice-versa.

Angeal, his bird, is always around Dinivas at one point another. She usually rests in Dinivas' hair or sometimes perches on his shoulder, and Dinivas loves her. She's just one reason why he's happy and calm. Her kind nature towards other people sure is mood-changer. She even flies to other people's shoulders and rests there. Dinivas thinks she makes good friends with others quite easily, but what can he say? Everyone has their own mindset.


At the left of Dinivas is Akarusa, and at the right of Dinivas is Yami. Unlike other gun-blades that transform from gun to sword, Akarusa and Yami are static. They consist of what is a katana, a revolver chamber, and a barrel located ontop of the blade. The grip uses a similar design to lever-action weapons, but in this case the lever is located in the front of the grip of the blade. With the same design of handguns, it has the hammer attached as well. Each chamber of Akarusa and Yami is filled with exactly three bullets, totalling an amount of eighteen shots, six chambers. Dinivas keeps two speed reloaders in each of his pockets in his coat for easy reloading for a grand amount of 108 bullets, 54 for each gun-blade. The Dust ammunition that Akarusa and Yami are parallels to their own display. Akarusa uses blue Dust, symbolizing ice, while Yami uses red Dust, symbolizing fire. The reloading mechanism works in the way if the lever is moved outwards, the revolver chamber will detach out to the side. If Dinivas has depleted all of his ammo reserves, he will snap the hilt of the blade back so that the entire gun-blade is now similar to how a normal Katana is compared to the previous rendition which was of a bent hilt. He will also do this if he decides to fight with a one of his gun-blades in a reverse grip.

The appearance of each gun-blade is almost exactly the same to the other. In fact, they had no difference in the past when Hotaru and Kouki had first met, but after they were passed down to Dinivas, he decided to engrave a mark onto each side of them. On the left side of Akarusa on the hilt is engraved 光 in white, while on the right side of Yami is engraved 闇 in black.

Fighting Abilities

When Dinivas starts out a fight, he fights in a passive-active manner. He usually tries to have his opponent take the offense first to which he can then learn most of his/her techniques and skills, but when it comes to just a stand-off he'll make the first move. Dinivas always tries to take the offensive when he has the chance and in most cases he barely ever goes on the defense, but there have been times when he has been forced to. Up against ranged weapon users, Dinivas can't do much and even if he can block with his bullets, he hasn't been skilled in that so far, so he's forced to try and out run the barrage. Overall, Dinivas is all about rush-down and barely tries to play keep-away unless the situation demands for it.

Dinivas fights as a dual-wielder with both Akarusa and Yami. He is able to wield either one in reverse or normally making for some differentiation in his attacks. If Dinivas needs to switch quickly between a reverse grip or a normal grip, he can easily drop the gun-blade and quickly pick it back up milliseconds after it's dropped. Whenever Dinivas strikes, he also has the decision of choosing to fire his shots as well for an additional attack and a slight boost in momentum to engage with another strike with the opposite blade. With all of this potential with two blades, he's able to perform attacks in conjunction with each other and combined with the momentum of the gun-shots given, all of his attacks become more deadly. Dinivas main strategy is rushdown, but he's also a good tactician. He chooses his fights well and knows what to do in combat, but his potential falters whenever some type of Fire is shown. His past is brought up, and his memories start clouding his skills. Other than this, he is only really bested whenever he meets someone of the same experience as he is or better and when both he has been disarmed. Dinivas has very little training in CQC, but he's able to hold up at least a fight in a small fray between others. Other than this, he can't really do much against those who have been expertly trained in it.

The Semblance Dinivas possesses grants him immense power, but it only really comes into play when Dinivas has fallen and can no longer continue. It starts to corrupt his mind and judgment, and anger takes over him. When this happens, his power increases twice as much, but his defence is lowered immensely. Dinivas no longer cares about protecting himself, he fights to kill and will take however many blows to him until his opponent falls or he does. Dinivas' mindset is completely different whenever this happens. His whole body is covered by the Dark Aura which manifests itself as a black color. This is Dinivas' Semblance. His parameters are increased, but he loses his humanity; however, before this ever happens Dinivas holds the usage of his Semblance back and if one can look closely, they can see Darkness about to release itself, but it's as if some kind of Light floods it out and both entities disappear. The Darkness Dinivas possesses is not one to be used for the public, and it should only be used against those with means of murder. The Light Dinivas possesses keeps his head calm, and he always fights with this mindset to protect others. The anger released during battle is to help him vent. He loves to fight and it's a way to relax for him, but the Darkness is always finds a way to take posession in a situation. The anger shown relates to the Darkness and vice-versa. Still, even if all this hatred is released, Dinivas is still able to show care and happiness to his teammates even in the darkest of times.

Author's Notes

1. Any at all pictures, songs, etc. used, belong to their respective companies and owners.

  • I'll Face Myself ~Another Version~ is a song composed by Shoji Meguro for Persona 4.
  • Longing is a song created by Gackt which was made famous in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus.
  • Dinivas' emblems are both images taken from BlazBlue.

2. Images and links below depict what the character has somewhat of a similar look to and are either based off of in appearance or some other way.

  • Weiss the Immaculate based the apperance of the character as well as the weapons.
  • For a clearer design of what Dinivas' coat is based off of, it takes a similar appearance to that of the Cloth Top that Zael wears. A clearer image is located here.

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